Choosing Commercial Restaurant Furniture

How to Choose Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Opening a restaurant is not an easy undertaking since there are many things to consider from the get-go. Yet it doesn’t take a meticulous mind to distinguish that the furniture is one of the primary things to establish. Picking the right commercial furniture will not only improve the flow of your restaurant, but it actually ties all of the components in your establishment. Getting the wrong furniture could make your commercial space unwelcoming to your prospective clientele. At the outset of designing your restaurant, you should understand how to choose the best commercial restaurant furniture.

What Type of Commercial Restaurant Furniture to Get

Choosing Commercial Restaurant Furniture StyleNations

Similar to custom outdoor furniture, commercial restaurant furniture options come in various forms and styles. But one thing should be constant when rummaging through multiple options – it’s essential to ensure that you are purchasing commercial grade furniture. A lot of newbie restaurateurs may forget about the quality and construction of the furniture. For durable and cozy furniture, commercial-grade furniture is the optimal choice.

Commercial-grade furniture, aside from being robust and comfortable, is usually made to order. Hence, you can tweak features to suit your restaurant. Some items mix various materials together, creating an ergonomic and highly aesthetic look. For example, if you are drawn to metal furniture, you should consider picking a fully welded product as much as possible.

Customers will easily spot whether your furniture is of high grade or not. So when choosing between commercial-grade furniture and residential furniture, we recommend picking the former.

The Theme of your Restaurant

Planning what your restaurant’s theme would be is a crucial factor when buying furniture. The ambiance of your restaurant is the deciding factor in establishing the type of furnishings that you would purchase. Are you gunning for a cozy contemporary restaurant with natural dining chairs? Or are you gearing towards a more chic aura? Whatever you are planning, you will need suitable furniture to improve your establishment. Listed below are some of the most common themes to integrate.


A traditional theme incorporates new fixtures that appear to be preserved antiques and are fitting to a traditional ambiance. Usually, the furniture items are ornate, with dark wood finishes and velvet upholstery. Traditional-looking furnishings provide a charming and quaint look.


Retro furnishings provide a more sophisticated look than traditional ones because of their material construction – usually of plastics and metal furniture. These retro furniture items feature bright and vivid colors that would complement the striking neons of your restaurant.


Unlike the striking colors of retro furnishings, modern furniture items are usually clean and monochromatic. Thanks to their shiny look, many of these modern items give off a contemporary feel. Metal, glass, and plastic are usually used to achieve this appearance.


Industrial furnishings are made of metals such as aluminum and tin. This construction creates an appeal that compliments the brick and pipework of your industrial restaurant. Let these chairs and tables stand out with low-level hanging lights.

Comfort and Coziness of the Furniture

Choosing Commercial Restaurant Furniture StyleNations

Some restaurant owners unknowingly commit one major blunder: prioritizing design over comfort. While the furniture style is necessary to suit your restaurant aesthetic, the convenience of the chairs and tables should also be given importance. Keep in mind that when your customers feel comfortable, they will surely revisit your restaurant.

Consider the sharp corners, the upholstery, and the materials of your chairs. Therefore, leave enough space for them to move freely without feeling any constraints while seated. Chairs and tables that feature rounded corners could also be good choices to ensure that your customers feel cozy and safe while dining.

Space of the Restaurant

Speaking of safe and cozy dining, providing sufficient space could further allow your customers and staff to move better. If your restaurant has limited space, you will want to compromise the size of your chairs and tables to give more space for movement. Proper arrangement of the furniture items is tantamount to more space that could provide a smoother flow in and out of your restaurant. To ensure sufficient space, begin by having a well-planned restaurant layout that includes the placement of your furniture.

Size of the Commercial Restaurant Furniture

The size of the furniture is as crucial as its style and comfort especially for commercial bars and restaurants. Hence, it is worth noting that there are various rules o follow for restaurant furnishings. For instance, a standard restaurant chair has a seat height of 18 inches. This height allows your clientele to properly use it with the dining tables. On the other hand, the dining table should have a standard height of 30 inches. In terms of the width of the dining chairs, the preferred minimum is 16 inches wide. Fine dining restaurants have a tendency to have a broader width for optimum comfort. 

If your restaurants comprise custom bar stools, then you should also consider the height and width of these furnishings. The barstools should have a seat height of 30 inches. On the other hand, bar tables should b 42 inches high to work well with standard bar stools.

Flexibility and Portability of your Furnishings

Choosing Commercial Restaurant Furniture StyleNations

In some instances, large dining parties that feature a large number of guests could happen in your restaurants. If you want your establishment to accommodate them, you can begin by ensuring that your furniture items are portable and flexible. This means that your tables and chairs can be moved and joined together to serve more than just four people.


Finally, consider how you will ensure that your furniture items are well taken care of. Sometimes, it is inevitable that customers would leave out droppings that could damage your furniture. As the owner, you should be aware of how each item should be maintained to keep the quality from degrading. You can begin by integrating materials that are easy to clean and maintain. For example, materials such as powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum for outdoor furniture selections should be considered. 

Moreover, you should also train your staff to care for your furniture. Since they are the ones who are always at your restaurant, they should have proper know-how on the maintenance of each of your furniture items.

If you are looking for a complete guide on commercial bar furniture selection tips and ideas, you can check our blog!

Best Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Omni Albery Wood Chair

Albery Wood Chair

Pedralli NYM 2832 Chair

NYM 2832 Chair

Billiani Copiosa Plaza 2C18


Nuella Joi Thirty Six Chair

StyleNations-Joi Thirty Six Chair Front

Middle Cove Terrance Dining Chair

Terrance Dining Chair


Incorporating commercial restaurant furniture items would make your indoor restaurants stand out among other establishments that have residential furniture. Apart from the features that we have mentioned above, it would always be the best option to trust your own creative instinct. And it could also help to turn to StyleNations for an array of items that you can tailor to conform to your commercial space. As a custom furniture manufacturer leader, StyleNations would collaborate with you to build a bespoke statement piece for your restaurants.

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