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Keys to Finding the Best Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

More often than not, it can be pretty tricky to set up a boutique hotel, especially for startup owners. From the ornaments on your walls to the furnishings of your rooms, there are many things to consider. Picking hotel furniture supplies will be something that will take up a lot of time, effort and many other considerations. For example, the furniture of your space involves a lot of planning because the wrong item can be detrimental to your hotel. Hence, you have to collaborate with the proper boutique hotel furniture manufacturer.

When speaking of boutique hotel furniture, there are several aspects to consider. But when we talk of the manufacturers of these items, there are other things to consider. In this article, we will discuss various factors to consider when choosing a boutique furniture manufacturer. We also covered essential questions to ask these furniture suppliers before signing a contract with them.

What is a Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer?

What is a Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer StyleNations

Basically, a boutique hotel furniture manufacturer provides all of your needs for your hotel. They collaborate with you so that they can address all of your preferences. 

Boutique hospitality furniture companies like StyleNations, Foliot Furniture and Amtrend offer you typical pieces such as furniture seating options, coffee and bar tables, dining tables, and reception seating options. However, a good manufacturer does not only supply you with your basic furniture pieces. They also help you develop a custom-made product that suits whatever ambiance you are trying to achieve.

Why is Choosing a Good Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Important?

Custom Hotel Furniture Buying Guide Custom Hospitality Furniture

For hotel furniture wholesalers, there is an increasing number of furniture manufacturers in America, but not everyone provides quality products. However, not being able to scrutinize these manufacturers would be risky on your end. This is why choosing a good boutique hotel furniture manufacturer is essential. 

When you choose a good manufacturer, you can pick a company that can meet your expectations. You can also look for quality products and brands that suit the ambiance you are trying to achieve. One of the best to pick is a hotel wholesale furniture supplier that will help you acquire furniture pieces at a low price.

Another option that you can also explore is by picking a supplier that sells out 2nd hand hotel furniture. Though this option is not that recommended, you can still take a look at it, to help you save some money. A used hotel furniture is not totally bad, as long as you’ve got the time to inspect the items, and have the manpower to have them picked up and shipped!

Of course, you need to evaluate these suppliers so that you will not regret choosing the wrong one in the end. After all, the success of your hotel depends on what you place in your spaces. If you want to be a world-class boutique hotel, don’t settle on the first one approaching you. Instead, assess a list of manufacturers and hotel lobby furniture suppliers using the considerations we have presented below. A brand new furniture is still the best route to go!

What to Consider in a Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer?

What to Consider Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer StyleNations

Before you purchase a piece of furniture for your boutique hotel from a manufacturer, here are the criteria that you should consider.

Ease of Access

One of the most important factors to consider with these hotel furniture suppliers is their location akin to your hotel. The locale of your manufacturer can impact the price of your furniture, the cost of shipping, and the delivery time. You risk exceeding your budget if your supplier is too far from you.

When the supplier is not within your immediate reach, there is a chance you won’t be able to inspect the item yourself. This raises the possibility that what you ordered online and received may differ. If your provider only operates in your area, you can examine their products more thoroughly. We advise you to look for a manufacturer with a firm shipping network if the furniture you like is more drop-ship-oriented.

Consistency of the Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Another factor to consider when looking for a manufacturer is their consistency. Of course, you would likely want to stay with the same supplier once you have found a consistent one. That said, the quality of their furniture items should be uniform throughout. For sure, you don’t want your outdoor furniture to look totally different from each other. These items should have precise construction and craftsmanship quality.

The benefit of collaborating with the same company is that you can form a working relationship, allowing the manufacturer to understand what you are looking for in a furniture piece that suits your aesthetic. That’s why it also works if they can consistently customize your pieces. 

In addition, when you want to replace furnishing with something that would blend into your hotel, you will not resort to other manufacturers. It is because the consistent supplier is already there to serve you.


Even if the hotel industry is your passion, running a hotel would always boil down to earning profit. After all, the hotel industry survives by means of various enterprises. Money will always be involved, whether for your expenses or your profit. So when it comes down to choosing a manufacturer, you have to consider the overall cost of their products and how these would affect your marketing strategies and your overall budget. 

Hotel Furniture Liquidators

You can also consider if the manufacturer you are engaging to are hotel furniture liquidators.

What is a hotel furniture liquidator?

Hotel furniture liquidators are companies that specialize in buying and reselling surplus, used, or discontinued furniture and other items from hotels, motels, resorts, and other types of commercial properties. They typically purchase furniture and other items in bulk and sell them to individual customers, other hotels, or other businesses. The goal of a hotel furniture liquidator is to sell the items quickly and efficiently, often at a reduced price compared to the original retail value.

So if you have some old and outdated commercial grade furniture, contract grade furniture or commercial office furniture, you can have them checked by a liquidator to have it exchanged for money. This amount could be added to your organization’s profitability.

Warranty of Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

A good boutique hotel furniture provider should have a robust warranty policy. Your manufacturer should be able to help you out if the item you purchased needs some repairs. Therefore, we advise buying furniture that is covered by a warranty especially for banquet furniture.

For starters, you should ask your provider about their warranty policies. Check out the warranty period and if your supplier provides one. Doing so would give you security should you encounter problems or unintentional defects after they have delivered your furniture already.

Customer Service of the Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Customer service is typically the one that either solidifies or ruins the relationship between the manufacturer and the dealer. Even if their pricing is not the cheapest, you may be attracted to buy from them if they offer excellent customer service.

When issues or problems arise, a reputable hotel furniture supplier has a committed staff of sales professionals who are always available to you. When they first reach out to you, they should already provide their contact details so that it would be easier for you to reach out to them.

Care for Their Clients

Finally, you should look for a furniture manufacturing company that treats you well. Since you are their client, they should see to it that they deliver excellent goods and services so that you would not face any hassle. An excellent provider listens to your requests and handles your orders with care. In addition, they have a good grasp of your aesthetic and how you want to deal with things. This way, you can create a compromise that would benefit both ends.

If they do not want to collaborate with you, then they do not really care for you. It’s best to look for another supplier.

Things to Ask Your Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

What to Ask Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer StyleNations

Before selecting a manufacturer, there are certain things that you have to ask to ensure that they are the right pick for your hotel. These factors can make or break your hospitality space, so you need to ensure that they are able to cater to the features below.

Quality of the Material

The first thing that you have to ask your potential supplier is the quality of their materials. Selecting the right materials for your hotel rooms requires considering more than just the visual aspect. The specifications of these items should pass commercial-grade quality. That means they should be durable, functional, and long-lasting. Check on the materials that your manufacturers have. 


What makes boutique hotels stand out is their personal and intimate approach to hospitality. Hence, the styles of your furniture items should make a homey ambiance for visitors to relax and enjoy their stay. Ask your manufacturer what designs are applicable to suit boutique hotels. You should note that not all available items within their catalog are suitable for such kind of a hotel.

An excellent boutique hotel furniture manufacturer can offer specific styles that would suit your setting. They should also know how to offer architectural shading solutions to their clients to match their needs and taste. With the right furniture, you can transform your hotel into a lively and cozy place that can attract more customers.


Since sustainability is already a growing trend in the hospitality industry, you should ask if they provide sustainable hospitality furniture. Your manufacturer should gear towards incorporating environmentally friendly processes and materials. This would surely attract more visitors who are part of the growing green movement. In addition, this could enhance the prominence of your boutique hotel in the industry.


You should always give top priority to your guests’ comfort. Because the main goal of your boutique hotel furniture is to give your visitors a peaceful and stress-free environment, comfort must always come first. Hence, this is something that you should also ask your suppliers.

Having comfortable furnishings will help your visitors feel more at home. As a result, you receive favorable comments and reviews, opening up a marketing opportunity for your boutique hotel.

We advise that you consider home furnishings that are primarily covered in soft, non-abrasive fabric. If you choose the plain, non-upholstered options, we suggest selecting the polished, smoothly finished furniture to prevent user discomfort. Check out our tips about finding the most comfortable outdoor furniture from our blog.

Adherence to Regulations

You also need to ask your manufacturer if they adhere to regulations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In this Act, hotels and other lodging facilities should abide by the accessible design requirements. An experienced furniture supplier will be able to explain to you in detail how your furniture choice can adhere to the Act while still remaining chic and unique.

For instance, entrances to the rooms should have at least 32 inches of clear passage and 43 inches of space on both sides of the door. You should also situate your beds and other furnishings with at least 32 inches of clear passage for optimal mobility. The beds should have a height of 20 to 23 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress. This will help people with disabilities to still enjoy your furniture.

Delivery Time

Another thing to ask your furniture provider is if they deliver and its duration. It is crucial that you are aware of the constraints and delivery window. We advise placing your furniture purchase 12 to 14 weeks in advance. This gives the manufacturers sufficient time to properly construct, prepare, and ship your orders.

It could also help if their websites have a window frame for preparing your orders so that you will not rush to complete your order. As a result, you will be able to relax knowing that they will deliver your furniture carefully and satisfactorily.

Customization Capabilities

Finally, you should ask if your provider can accommodate tailor-made furniture pieces. While custom furniture tends to be quite costly, the return on investment is outstanding. If your manufacturer caters to customizations, you are in for a long haul. 

Primarily, you will not encounter any problems matching the furnishings to your hotel room aesthetic. Rather than adjusting the room to suit your furniture, let the furniture change to your vision. For example, leading custom hotel furniture manufacturers such as StyleNations can cater to what you have in mind and more.

Customizations in furniture items can open a world of possibilities. You do not only get to realize your vision, but you also get to let your guests experience something that they cannot find in other boutique hotels. With the charisma and uniqueness that your hotel exudes, you will reap all of your investments in the long run. For sure by now, you know how to check if a manufacturer can offer exceptional quality product.

Best Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Before you place an order with the manufacturer, take time to browse through their catalog. You might have seen a crate and barrel commercial, and you want to have that furniture piece. We suggest that you skim through their best-selling products to see whether they have whatever you are looking for. Are you unsure of where to begin? Here are some excellent products from StyleNations, a leader in boutique hotel furniture manufacturing.

From seating furniture like sofas and lounge chairs, StyleNations ensures the best furniture for your boutique hotel. We believe that having the right tailor-made furniture pieces that fit your preferences does not require a hefty budget.

Opera Casta Dining Chair


This dining chair features a solid beech wood frame and an upholstered backrest and seat.

Nellie Day Bed

Nellie Day Bed

This bed is customizable, with a lead time ranging between 12 to 14 weeks.

Kit Bookshelf

Kit Bookshelf

This bookshelf is perfect for your boutique hotel lounges or reception.

Rosalyn Queen Bed Frame

Rosalyn Queen Bed Frame

This is a durable bed frame that looks great in your hotel rooms.

Ariya Desk

Ariya Desk

Boutique hotel rooms are better with trendy desks such as the Ariya desk.

Kora Side Board

Kora Side Board

Sideboards such as the Kora sideboard can make your rooms highly functional.

Huddle Hex Stool

Huddle Hex Stool- Parlour Range

For a more eccentric design, this this teak furniture stool is the right choice for you.

Big Aria


This chair features a solid wood frame and an upholstered backrest and seat. This collection of lounge chairs will surely turn heads!

Wrapping Up – Best Boutique Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

If you want your guests to experience something like no other, then furnish your boutique hotels with luxurious and high-quality furniture from a trusted boutique hotel furniture manufacturer. Being the leading custom hotel furniture manufacturer, StyleNations helps you attain these quality items. Call us today, and let us collaborate on your next big project. We are open to your inventive ideas that would make your boutique hotel stand out.

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