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6 Things to Consider When Choosing A Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Setting up a hotel space can be pretty exciting especially when mixing and matching various aspects to make a solid hotel aesthetic. From the colors of the walls to the embellishments in rooms, there are a lot of factors to consider. Furniture, in particular, is something that involves a fair amount of planning. To help you ensure a fit-out hotel space, you need to collaborate with the right hotel furniture manufacturer.

It can be common among hotel owners to choose hotel furniture manufacturers based on a surface level. However, you cannot have your needs met if you do so. Nonetheless, there are a lot of factors to consider for a manufacturer who you can collaborate with. In this article, we are discussing eight things to consider when choosing a hotel furniture manufacturer.

What is a Hotel Furniture Manufacturer?

hotel furniture manufacturer

Basically, a hotel furniture manufacturer provides all your hotel needs and collaborates with you to meet all your preferences. They usually offer the likes of coffee tables, dining tables, beds, furniture seating options, and entertainment units, among others. A good manufacturer does not only supply you with your basic furniture requirements, but they also help you produce a bespoke product that would complement your overall hotel aesthetic.

By working with a qualified manufacturer, you will surely receive benefits such as streamlined production, quality service, and compliance with principles that enhance the image of your hotel. While it is true that many manufacturers ask for a higher cost, spending more money on durable tailor-made products will help you save more money in the long run.

What to Consider When Choosing A Hotel Furniture Manufacturer?

hotel furniture manufacturer

Ease of Access

The location of your manufacturer is an important aspect to consider because it can affect your furniture cost, shipping expenses, and delivery period. When your supplier is located across the country, you may end up spending more than your budget. There is also a chance that you cannot check the product yourself. With this, there is a risk that what you ordered online may not be similar to what arrives. If your supplier is just within your region, then you can get a closer look at their products. If the furniture of your liking is more drop-ship-focused, then we suggest that you look for a manufacturer that has a robust shipping network.

Customer Service

What usually makes or breaks the trust of dealers with suppliers is customer service. With efficient customer service, you can keep returning to the same furniture manufacturer even if they do not provide the most affordable prices. A good hotel furniture provider has a dedicated team of sales representatives that would always be there for you when concerns or questions would come up.


When looking for a furniture supplier for your hotels, go for the one with a wide variety of products. Their inventory should consist of furniture items that come in various styles, materials, and colors. This way, you will have ample choices to choose from to suit your hotel aesthetic. When you feel like having distinct hotel furnishings, you pick a manufacturer that provides custom furniture options.

And since we are talking about inventory, there are more aspects to it than the presence of items. For instance, what is the turn-around time of the products? Are items in good shape? If the items go on backorder, how long until they are fulfilled? A good manufacturer should be able to answer all of these with ease.


Looking at the bigger picture, running a hotel will always be a money-making business. There will always be money involved, whether with profit or expenditures. So when you are looking for a manufacturer, you may want to look at how the overall cost of the product would affect how you run promotions and sales. Aspects such as service fees, the brand’s minimum advertised price, delivery charges, and regional taxes can come into play and affect your profitability.


Sometimes, accidents may arise, and your furniture may arrive damaged during shipment. It might also happen that the furniture came in the wrong color or size. This is where your supplier’s return and replacement policies would enter. Make sure that your vendor has a clear set of policies and guidelines so that you would not be shocked if you have to follow them.


If the product you bought ends up needing repair, your manufacturer should readily come into the picture. This is where the warranty comes in. Hence, we recommend investing in furniture items protected with a warranty. Talk to your manufacturer about the policies they have. Without clear guidelines on warranties, you cannot be guaranteed their services after you have purchased your product from them.

What customers are saying

Before placing an order with the manufacturer, take time to browse through their catalog. Look for their best-selling products and see what other customers are saying about their quality of products and services. Are you unsure of where to start? Here are some great products from StyleNations, a leader in hotel furniture manufacturing, to help you.

Omni Paco Lounge Chair

Paco Lounge Chair

Billani Spy 657

SPY 657

Lupe Eddy Dining Chair

Eddy Dining Chair

Omni Mona Ottoman

Mona Ottoman

Central Bree Stool

Bree Stool

Wrapping Up

Planning the hotel furnishings is not an easy feat, but it helps to keep an open mind when looking for a supplier for your pieces of furniture. Collaborating with excellent manufacturers will guarantee you top-notch products. Fortunately, there is no denying that investing in a good vendor would benefit you and your hotel in the end. If you are looking for an outstanding hotel furniture manufacturer, you can visit StyleNations and explore its comprehensive catalog of bespoke furniture items.

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