Payment is accepted via Check, credit card or direct deposit into our account in advance of delivery, unless previously approved and purchase order number is quoted.  A 2.9% credit card surcharge is applied and can be made via the link on your invoice.



Purchase orders placed by any person, or firm or company through its employees, whether in writing or verbally, are deemed to incorporate these terms and conditions.

A 50% deposit is required on all custom orders. 100% payment is required on all in stock or short lead time product purchases in order to reserve stock. For orders under $5,000.00 payment in full is required. Any balances due on custom or overseas orders must be paid and received no later than 4 weeks prior to shipment from any overseas factory. 

Upon paying a 50% deposit you are agreeing and confirming that all details provided on the visual quote are correct and approved and that you agree to all StyleNations Inc Terms & Conditions.

Once production drawings have been approved over email or signed off, StyleNations is not liable for any issues with anything that might not fit in a space regardless if StyleNations was involved in an on-site measure. As StyleNations is not responsible for the construction of the specified area, it is up to the purchaser and any associated partners/designers/architects or contractors to ensure all drawings are correct and accurate.



All orders are subject to a delivery / freight fee. Orders that do not include freight are subject to a warehouse handling fee at the FOB location nominated by StyleNations.

Freight on products could be subject to change based on global economic circumstances beyond the control of StyleNations.  Potential surcharges include but are not limited to acts of god and other events which could result in unexpected costs which will need to be passed on in the forms of, tariffs, duties, shipping surcharges, material costs and shortages.  StyleNations reserves the right to adjust pricing or add a surcharge to cover such additional costs. StyleNations reserves the right to bill a freight surcharge in the case of cost changes beyond our control. By paying a deposit against StyleNations Inc invoice you are agreeing to this potential outcome and agree to accept any necessary increases and do not have the ability to cancel or refuse to finalize any outstanding balances or accept delivery of goods produced.

If customers delay receipt of goods or orders, there may be storage charges incurred and customers will be liable for any additional storage charges and additional freight charges where applicable charged by third party ware housing. If the products arrive and balances have not been settled and StyleNations has notified the client in writing to both finalize payment and accept delivery. If the purchaser does not finalize payment within 30days; StyleNations has the right to sell the goods after 30 days in order to recoup costs associated.

Please ensure goods are checked upon delivery prior to signing POD. This is a contractual document releasing the carrier from any liabilities to damaged goods. StyleNations is not obligated to replace damaged goods if POD has been signed by the receiver.

If there is damage to report, detailed images and descriptions of the damages must be sent to StyleNations within 7 days of receiving the delivery. If damage is reported after this period, progressing with any replacements, repairs will be at the discretion of StyleNations. StyleNations will not be obligated to fix any damages.


Delivery Service

Delivery includes transportation of the goods to curbside and ground floor only. Additional charges will apply for hand unload or special services including but not limited to upper floor deliveries, timeslot requirements, unpacking and placing of goods or expedited services. In the event of any strike, lockout, trade dispute, fire, tempest, breakdown, riot, theft, crime, civil disturbance, war or legislation. The inability of StyleNations Inc. to procure goods due to any of the foregoing causes or any other occurrences preventing or retarding performance of the contract of delivery of goods. No responsibility shall be attached to StyleNations Inc for any delay, default, loss or damage due to any of the above causes, or to any cause beyond the control of StyleNations Inc.



Delivery lead time quoted is calculated in working days excluding Public Holidays. Delivery lead times stated are from receipt of deposit with accepted written order and are also subject to third party freight lead times and deliveries. Further to above any delays in Shipping from overseas ports , US customs hold on containers for security and screening or quarantine restrictions StyleNations cannot be held responsible for these delays which are beyond StyleNations’ control . StyleNations cannot be held responsible for any financial loss to a client where delays are beyond StyleNations’ control.



  • COM in its entirety must be delivered to our warehouse within 2 weeks of deposit received. StyleNations will not take responsibility for production delays caused by late arrival of COM. StyleNations cannot commit to a production finish date until all COM is received. All CFA must be supplied to StyleNations prior to the purchase order being submitted.  Where time is not available it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure fabric being supplied as COM is manageable for upholstery on the item it is intended for and StyleNations reserves the right to refuse fabrics/leathers that may not succeed on our furniture upholstery.
  • A COM label is required to be completed and attached by the fabric supplier to each fabric shipment sent.
  • The customer must follow usage specifications provided by StyleNations.
  • Buffalo hides or other thick leathers may not be applicable to some frames.
  • Difficult fabrics: unusual patterns or proportions in the fabric may require additional yardage. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure these fabrics have been supplied with the appropriate additional yardage (we require a 30% buffer to be supplied on all items)
  • StyleNations is not responsible for fabric/leather defects, color imperfections, other flaws or any leftover fabrics.



All in stock or short lead time orders cannot be cancelled under any circumstance.

For all other orders NO CANCELLATION is allowed ONCE AN ORDER HAS passed the 2nd week of production.  If cancellation request is agreed upon by StyleNations Inc in writing prior to any material purchases, drawing drafting or production commencement; StyleNations Inc. reserves the right to charge for all costs incurred prior to the cancellation and to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the price of the goods to cover associated costs with the order. The Customers request must be in writing and prior to the delivery of the goods. Custom orders cannot be cancelled, once the goods have been produced and the customer will be liable for the full price of the goods. If goods are received and do not meet the exact specifications, StyleNations Inc. has the right to exchange goods only. Cancellation of any order will incur a 50% cancellation fee once payment has been received. Full amount is applicable if cancellation occurs after production has finished. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay the freight cost incurred for return of all goods.

Orders accepted by StyleNations Inc. for products made to order; specially manufactured to Customer specifications or any products modified to Customer specifications cannot be cancelled.  



Unless otherwise stated or discussed with StyleNations Inc representative, all pricing does not include assembly of goods. Any assembly required will be the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange and source, including but not limited to labor and hardware. Assembly guides can be provided upon request.



Product samples are available on request from Stylenations. Colors can vary according to material species and country of origin. Final production of product may result in differences to samples received because of changes made during the production process, at the discretion of Stylenations, to maintain construction integrity.

Finish samples requested will be supplied by Stylenations to the best of our ability. Availability is subject to change and Styelantions reserves the right to supply alternative swatches required to meet the need for CFA approval prior to production.

If custom finish samples are required, a CFA must be supplied by the purchaser for matching. StyleNations is not responsible for sourcing or purchasing custom CFA’s on the purchasers behalf.



Official quotes are valid for 30 days from quoted date.

Unless otherwise expressly stated by StyleNations Inc in writing, all goods will be charged at prices ruling on the date the purchase order is accepted and are subject to sales Tax BASED ON THE TAX JURISDICTION OF THE 'SHIP TO' LOCATION.



Minimum order requirements of 6 per style, unless stated/shown otherwise.

All quotes and pricing are based on the quantities and specification submitted and shown on the quote from StyleNations. Changes to quantities in any form voids the pricing and resubmission to StyleNations will be required. StyleNations Inc reserves the right not to honor any quoted prices with discrepancies or changes in quantities or specifications.  

StyleNations Inc reserves the right to commercially match colours and/or substitute without notice. StyleNations Inc. reserve the right to alter the specifications for future orders and cannot guarantee to match any previous orders.

Customers Disclaimer:

The customer hereby disclaims and right to rescind or cancel the contract or to sue for damages or to claim restitution arising out of any misrepresentation made to him by any servant or agent of the seller and the customer acknowledges that he buys the goods relying solely upon his own skill and judgement and that the seller shall not be bound by nor responsible for any term, condition, representation, or warranty other than the warranty given by the manufacturer which shall be personal to the customer and shall be personal to the customer and shall not be transferable to any subsequent customer. 



Unless otherwise specified, the following warranties apply to all StyleNations products: Two (2) years on all seating products. One (1) year for all veneer or laminate products. Should the goods prove to be defective within this period, and provided that the damage is not due to the use or misuse of the goods or from fair wear and tear, StyleNations will at its discretion, replace or repair defective goods at our expense. The StyleNations warranty will only apply to goods being used for their designed purpose, any alteration to this or modification to the product outside of the original purpose will void all warranties. Any of the products warranted that are misused will void all warranties.

StyleNations reserves the right to see any product in question in person, by a StyleNations representative or professional contractor, at the location the item(s) were in use. Prior to determining a resolution, StyleNations reserves the right to take as much time as necessary during this initial assessment period. Time is required to arrange various 3rd parties needed included but not limited to contractors, laborers or carriers from various locations and with various availabilities.



Warranty claims must quote invoice number and date of purchase and are subject to approval by StyleNations Inc. The Customer is responsible for risk to the goods whilst being returned and the cost of freight for said goods. Where goods are exposed to excessive weather conditions goods need to be either maintained on a regular basis by applying oil in the case of wood products or cover in the case of plastic products. StyleNations cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from damages due to lack of maintenance.



The warranty does not cover.

  • Any failure caused by unreasonable use
  • Failure to provide proper care and maintenance
  • Normal fading due to light/ sunlight
  • Scratching and chipping of paint or timber finishes
  • Stain discoloring, corrosion and damage caused by contact with chemicals



Property of the goods shall remain with StyleNations Inc. until such time as full payment is received. If payment is not received, or if StyleNations Inc. believes that the Customer may fail to pay for the goods when payment is due StyleNations Inc. may re-take possession of the goods still in the control of the Customer.




It is recommended that chairs are stacked to only 4 or 5 depending on the chairs. Do not over stack chairs and do not move chairs by dragging along ground over stacking and dragging of chairs reduces the life of the protective feet on the legs and can reduce the life and / or damage the frame of the chair due to the weight of the stack inherently to stack chairs the individual chairs must touch, so the process of stacking will mark and scratch the chairs, the degree of severity of the marking and scratching depends on the standard of care used during stacking. The warranty does not cover marking and scratching and other wear and tear from stacking any use of the furniture sold for the purpose that it was not designed for will void any warranties.


Do not lift tables by the tops eventually the tops will pull loose from the bases. Pick up tables with the bases and the top together. Tables are not designed to be stood on or sat on this will void any warranties. Often table tops do not come with self-tapping screws please make sure your local hardware store supplies these to you put the table top on the floor that has a piece of cardboard or cloth underneath the top to avoid damage the attach the base Tops that are re-drilled by using incorrect screws will damage the tops and voids the warranty. Make sure the screws are not too long that they will come through the top of the table tops. When storing tables make sure they are stacked top to top and not base to top because then tops can get damaged.

Chrome Finished items

Do not leave outside. Wipe chrome items down. Do not use at coastal areas.


Clean with mild detergent rinse and dry thoroughly. Cast aluminum components in furniture will oxidize near salt water, please regularly wipe with soapy water and polish with aluminium polish. Please note that if there is any doubt about cleaning procedures please contact StyleNations.

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