Boutique Hotel Furniture Buying Guide 2022

Boutique Hotel Furniture Buying Guide 2023

Per the recent post-pandemic trends, boutique hotels make more revenue per available room (RevPAR) than traditional hotels. Thus, boutique hotels are considered the fastest-growing sector in the hotel industry. Consequently, more hospitality companies and hotel owners are now looking more into boutique hotel furniture pieces that will considerably impact their respective hotels.

As the world is gradually recovering from the economic impacts of the worldwide pandemic, the travel and tourism industry – with the help of revenue leaders – is also slowly and carefully recovering as well.

As a matter of fact, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) forecasts international arrivals to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels in 2022. This will bring about the integral growth of the hospitality industry in countries that are now open to foreign visitors and tourists.

According to the Hospitality Global Market Report 2022, the hospitality industry is expected to grow gradually at a compound annual growth rate of 15.1%, from $3,952.87 Billion in 2021 to $4,548.42 Billion in 2022.

This is where boutique hotels – and the need for appropriate boutique w hotel furniture pieces – come into the picture. This is why we suggest that you select the hotel furniture suppliers when you are considering buying hotel furniture! Here are a boutique hotel furniture buyers guide for hoteliers.

What Makes Boutique Hotels?

Boutique Hotel Furniture Buying Guide

There are many factors and characteristics that define and make Boutique hotels different from traditional and upscale hotels. Most of these properties are getting custom hotel furniture pieces which are really fitting to the goals of the brand. These make boutique hotels distinct and more marketable.


A boutique hotel is a type of hotel that is generally minute compared to a traditional hotel. Boutique hotels usually only have fewer than a hundred rooms but have more intimate and personal lifestyle amenities and hospitality experiences. Boutique hotels are more than just their small size. With their small size, such hotels provide an avenue for the creation of an internal community where socialization among their guests is encouraged. So when selecting a hotel guest room furniture for boutique hotels, it should be compact but functional!


Boutique hotels tend to lean more towards uniquely personal and intimate architecture and interior design styles. Their home-like designs create a comfortable atmosphere within the property’s hotel furnishings for their guests to enjoy their stay. However, the general outlook of the hotel can still be upscale and luxurious, combined with historical and cultural elements.

Location and Culture

There are no certain rules for boutique hotels to follow as to where they can put it up. However, trends show that most boutique hotels are situated in hip and trendy urban areas that are mostly not too far away from crowded areas, just close enough so that guests can enjoy visiting and tour around the highlights of the location.  This also answers the question “where to buy hotel furniture.”

Most locations highlight a cultural element that boutique hotels can integrate into their operations, such as cuisine, arts, heritage, and traditions. The local culture influences the cuisine that boutique hotels serve through local dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Sometimes, the transport, the shipping, and even the sourcing of materials highly affect the product quality.


Technically, boutique hotels are owned by mostly private individuals. This makes such hotels more personal and intimate in nature. Owners can tailor their hotels according to their distinct personal preferences. 

Hotel companies can also own and manage boutique hotels. However, such companies own “only-boutique” hotel chains which preserve the distinctness and diversity of hotel experiences that boutique hotels offer.

Character and Service

Boutique Hotels are distinct on their own. Each boutique hotel has its own unique character and personality. Technically, boutique hotels are independent ones that individuals primarily own. However, they can also be a part of “only-boutique” hotel chains.

Mostly, the culture of their location is integrated into their hotel, which gives them their distinct identity. They can be quirky and trendy in their own ways, especially with their guest services. Their staff may get quite close and personal with their guests. These highlight a very high quality and individualized hotel experience.

Target Market

The clientele of boutique hotels may vary. Ultimately, guests that prefer to stay at boutique hotels are hippy and trendy. Most guests are travelers who are in search of places where they can be themselves unpretentiously. Boutique hotels target a certain demographic that is quirky, has keen eyes for creativity and design styles, and looking to immerse themselves in local cultures without compromising comfort and luxury.

Ultimately, hospitality professionals who own boutique hotels are more about making guests feel at home even when away from home and providing culturally appropriate and immersive services and experiences that make them unique and stand out among others.

Boutique Furniture Hotel Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hotel Boutique Furniture Buying Guide

When purchasing boutique hotel furniture pieces, whether seating furniture or tables, there are specific considerations that you need to account for. This way, you can ensure that you are buying the right furniture pieces without compromising any element of your unique boutique hotel.


Priority consideration should always be comfort. Comfort must always come before anything else in luxury hotel furniture simply because the primary purpose of your boutique hotel furniture is to provide your guests with a relaxing and stress-free environment.

A piece of sustainable and comfortable furniture will make your guests feel more at home as they are away from the comforts of their homes. This leaves you with positive feedback and reviews, which creates an avenue for your boutique hotel’s marketability.

We recommend that you consider furniture pieces that are mostly upholstered with fabric covers that are soft and non-abrasive. Hotel upholstery is different from common household upholstery, so you should be mindful of this. If you opt for plain and non-upholstered ones, we recommend that you pick the smoothly finished and polished pieces to avoid discomfort upon use.

Chic and Unique

The overall style and aesthetic of your boutique hotel furniture will define the atmosphere of your hotel in general. Boutique hotels are commonly characterized as chic and modern in style. But they are not limited to such boutique hotels and are closer to being more personal and distinct depending on the style and taste of the owner.

Furthermore, in this age of social media, the younger population is the key demographics for boutique hotels. The younger demographics prefer a more personal travel experience and are more drawn toward the peculiarities of the places they travel to.

Thus, we recommend that you focus on the distinct elements of your hotel and incorporate them into your furniture. In design, the colors are the most noticeable element.

Hence, choose a color palette that is coherent with the general color scheme of your hotel. Pick furniture pieces with silhouettes highlighted with curvy lines and sufficient workable size.


It is an added feature when your boutique hotel furniture is entirely customizable. Custom hotel furniture is excellent for giving your hotel its distinct identity. With custom boutique hotel furniture, you can tailor your furniture pieces according to your preferences.

Let’s take hotel dressers and hotel dining chairs as an example of customizability. It should be something that shouts out your brand with the way it looks. It is now the time to take a stab at how you can kill the game by doing little customizations. As hotel dressers are furniture types that most hospitality business owners neglect.

From the type of fabric to colors and finishes, the furniture’s customizability guarantees that you can exercise your artistic freedom and style choices. Furthermore, it makes your furniture unique.

Quantity and Layout

Planning the floor layout of your furniture pieces can be pretty challenging. It requires a comprehensive analysis of your foot traffic and the proportional areas where individuals or groups can stay within your boutique hotel.

Primarily, be mindful of your hotel’s foot traffic, especially since boutique hotels are considerably smaller than traditional and upscale ones. Ask yourself or your team where your guests would most probably like to stay within your hotel. From there, strategically position furniture sets where it is optimal.

Most guests like to lounge where there is an excellent view of the outside scenery or where they can adequately appreciate the hotel’s interior. We recommend that the layout of furniture pieces look inviting and encourage socialization. This way, it stimulates a healthy social environment.
Furthermore, consider the quantity of furniture you put into an allotted space.

Finally, make sure that it does not promote overcrowding. Also, make sure that there are sufficient spaces between pieces and sets so as not to impede the foot traffic and operations of your hotel. You should always consider a hotel furniture manufacturer that can serve as your one stop shop.

Distinct Areas

In order to fully maximize the floor layout, you have to emphasize the different areas where your guests can stay and lounge.  This calls for the creation of distinct areas by varying your furniture pieces. Using different furniture pieces provides a distinctive identity to your spaces within your boutique hotel.

This will give your guests the idea that your space is not that small after all. There are three distinguishable areas you can put up in your boutique hotel, which are the lounge/booth area, the standard dining area, and the bar/liquor area.

Varying your hotel furniture pieces is not as simple as it seems. You have to consider things that make different furniture pieces coherent and consistent. First, be mindful of the color palette. Choose furniture pieces that are of the same or close to each other when it comes to color families.

Furthermore, choose pieces that are structurally identical or complementary. We recommend you be mindful of the certain interior design style that you are achieving for your boutique hotel. Take a look at the Carmel Mansion Inn to see a great example of what we are talking about.

These will surely make the different areas in your hotel distinguishable from each other without compromising the overall look of your interior.

Boutique Hotel Furniture Warranty

You must be aware of the furniture care, warranty and its restrictions when purchasing furniture. This gives you security when encountering problems or unintentional defects with your delivered furniture. With this, you’ll feel more worry-free and assured with your purchases. You should also see if they are certified hotel furniture liquidators to ease out clearing some of your old items that you might want to turn into cash.

Delivery Time

It is also vital for you to be aware of the delivery time and restrictions when purchasing boutique hotel furniture. Technically, we recommend that you order your furniture pieces 12 to 14 weeks ahead of time. This gives boutique furniture manufacturers and suppliers plenty of time to skillfully and properly craft, prepare, and ship your furniture pieces.

Consequently, it will also give you a worry-free time since you will be assured that your furniture will be delivered unrushed and of high quality.

With all we have mentioned, it is also vital for you to know where exactly to look for your furniture pieces that fit all factors. StyleNations, the leading custom hospitality furniture manufacturer, is the right place for your furniture needs. We offer a wide array of furniture pieces of all sorts.

From seating furniture like sofas and lounge chairs to all kinds of tables, StyleNations guarantees the best furniture for your boutique hotel. We at StyleNations believe that having furniture pieces that are specially and uniquely crafted and tailored to your preferences does not require a considerable budget.

Best Boutique Hotel Furniture 2022

To make shopping easier, we have handpicked the best boutique hotel furniture for your perusal.

We also have a tailored and curated bar furniture buying guide to help you pick the best selection of on-trend furniture pieces for your bar’s new look!

Corolla 282

The Corolla 282 is a table that highlights a very modern design. Its simplistic and minimalistic structure and color palette complement well with the spacious space. It does not overpower any element in a space.

Corolla 282

Mimi Lounge Chair

This lounge chair offers comfort with style. It is upholstered and finished appropriately from all angles. As monochromatic as it may look, this chair is not boring and lackluster in itself.


Tomo Side Table 

The Tomo side table provides a non-spacious silhouette which can fit well in small spaces. It offers functionality while looking simple yet luxurious. This furniture can be used as a hotel sideboard as well.

StyleNations-TOMO Side Table Side

Edric Lounge

The Edric lounge provides guests with plenty of space to work with. Its spacious structure fits well with modern spaces and complements well with its minimalistic design. At StyleNations, we have a vast sofa source for all hoteliers and interior designers alike.

Edric Lounge

Coral Coffee Table

The Coral coffee table has a spacious top that is smoothly polished. This posh and chic coffee table fits well in lounge areas that highlight a monochromatic color palette and minimal lines.


Dinosaur Rope Dining Chair

This dining chair is great for both inside and al fresco or outdoor dining areas. This very versatile chair offers a native and natural look from all angles, which complements well with culturally themed bistros or dining spaces.


Ryker Dining Table

This chic round dining table highlights a modern-looking glass top combined with a luxurious base. Its general silhouette and skillfully crafted base look great in fine dining restos.


Ina Ottoman

The Ina Ottoman is great for small and intricate lounging spaces. It offers a hip look from wherever you look at it, which impeccably suits boho-chic spaces. 

StyleNations-INA OTTOMAN

Croissant 591

The Croissant 591 is a cute simplistic table. It has a minimalistic structure and a well-polished finish. This table is great for spaces that are modern and chic.


Almafi Bistro Chair

The Almafi bistro chair highlights a rattan structure finished with Parisian fabric. This chair is great for outdoor areas, dining areas in specific. Its sophisticated and stylish aesthetic offers guests comfort and style.

Almafi Bistro Chair

Wrapping Up : Boutique Hotel Furniture

Boutique hotels are vital role players in the hotel sector of the hospitality industry. They may be small in contrast to their upscale counterparts. Still, boutique hotels offer unique hotel experiences greatly appreciated by the key demographic, making them as marketable, if not more. Therefore, picking the right boutique hotel furniture or motel furniture will significantly affect the hotel’s general outlook. With StyleNations, you are at the right place!

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