Custom Hotel Furniture Buying Guide Custom Hospitality Furniture

Custom Hotel Furniture Buying Guide 2022

Hotel guest experiences begin with a positive first impression of your hospitality space. From the moment they step into your hotel, they would want to feel comfy and luxurious. Hence, hospitality owners should strive to hit this mark – from considering the hotel’s interior design to its custom hotel furniture.

Guests tend to gravitate toward a clean and cozy hospitality space with excellent visual aesthetics. After all, the hotel’s aesthetics influence potential guests’ expectations of quality service.

Incorporating high-end furniture in your hotel would explicitly impact this aspect. Custom-made furnishings further leave a positive mark on your venue, making them better options for your hotels.

The quality of custom-made furniture is crucial in completing a suitable accommodation for your guests. However, there is more to these fixtures than ensuring their construction.

To guide hotel owners in procuring excellent furnishings, we have developed a custom hotel furniture buying guide.

Characteristics of a Custom Hotel Furniture

Custom Hotel Furniture Buying Guide Custom Hospitality Furniture


Bland-looking hotels struggle to invite potential guests. When they see that your hotel is not visually appealing, they might not even consider going there. You may not realize it well enough, but how the furniture pieces are designed makes or breaks the guests’ decision to book your hotel.

How your furniture has been curated tends to affect the vibe of your hotel. Hence, choose the furniture design that would complement your place’s feel and provide a sense of belonging to your guests.

Contemporary hotels incorporate modern furniture characterized by its minimal curves and soft lines. Bright and monochromatic colors are predominant in the furnishings, marking a modern aesthetic.

Take, for instance, the Colton House Hotel that we have furnished. The rooms of this hotel have been designed for modern adventurers, hence the efficient use of state-of-the-art furniture pieces.

If your hotel tends to gravitate towards a more vintage aesthetic, the design of your furniture pieces should also follow suit. Antique furniture items could be your go-to choice. We also recommend vibrant color palettes in hotels with a retro vibe.


When buying custom hotel furniture, we recommend prioritizing comfort. The purpose of furniture items is to provide relief to your guests. In order to provide comfort, we recommend that you consider the size, dimensions, and structure.

How these furniture items are placed in your hotel also affects how comfortable they are to your guests. Hence it would help if you situated them in a way that they would not feel cramped up. The spaces between furniture items should not be too wide to take up much space.

Consider the structural design of your furniture because it also affects how comfortable it is for your guests. Is there a frame or foam in your furniture? Does your furniture come with a back rest for support? These are just some aspects of the structure that provide comfort to your potential clientele.

Hotel Layout

Your hotel room layout usually determines what type of furnishing to procure. For example, if your room is wide enough, you could opt for freestanding units. A smaller hotel room would mean if you were furnishings.

Allow fittings so that you will be able to maximize the available space that you have in your hotel room. In addition, you could quickly maximize your space with a piece of customized furniture.

Moving on to the hotel restaurant, and by looking into the layout plan, you will better grasp what furniture units would suit this area. Similar to what we have mentioned earlier, you can maximize the restaurant space with bespoke furniture items.

Opting for factory-made furniture is a lot more convenient, but the downside is that it may not suit the layout of your hotel space. Instead, invest in suitable furniture that will look excellent against your hotel layout.

Bespoke Features

If you want your hotel to be distinctive, you should consider adding bespoke features to your furniture. With custom furniture features, you could have an item that would not be found elsewhere but in your hotel.

With custom furniture, you can choose the material and construction to ensure a durable item. You could also incorporate the finishes and embellishments of your choice to make it truly unique.

At StyleNations, we collaborate with hotel owners to curate and produce custom hospitality furniture. We can help you source the finishes and materials you need, allowing you to produce a unique furniture piece that would suit your hotel.

Hotel Reception Furniture

Custom Hotel Furniture Buying Guide Custom Hospitality Furniture Reception

The reception area is the first thing that your guests will see upon entering your premises. A quick glance around your lobby would give your guests an impression of your hotel service. Hence, curating furniture should begin here.

A reception seat can be a welcoming gesture to your guests where they can feel at ease upon arriving. Placing comfy sofas could also create extra seating options. Coffee tables and armchairs are also good additions.

Here are great options for hotel reception furniture for your perusal.

Middle Cove Amalia Lounge Chair

Amalia Lounge Chair

Omni Fay Sofa


Omni Jude Chair

Jude Chair

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Custom Hotel Furniture Buying Guide Custom Hospitality Furniture bedroom

Turn your hotel room into a cozy haven for your guests with the right furnishings.  By creating a comfortable living area inside the bedroom, your guests are guaranteed a pleasant stay.

 Adding snuggly beds, comfortable armchairs, and compact bedside tables would maximize the space available while minimizing clutter.

Here are excellent choices for hotel room furniture for your perusal.

Omni Hamish Shelving Unit

Hamish Shelving Unit

Middle Cove Amiya Queen Bed Frame

Amiya Queen Bed Frame

Middle Cove Cheyenne Dresser

Cheyenne Dresser

Hotel Restaurant Furniture

seating furniture for modern spaces stylenations

The furniture pieces you place in your restaurant must have their own character. However, they should still reflect the visual aesthetic of your restaurant.

The dining chairs in these venues should be cozy enough to allow your guests to eat conveniently, but no longer. Dining tables, on the other hand, should complement your chairs.

Below are some great options for custom dining chairs for your perusal.

Middle Cove Paxton Dining Table

Paxton Dining Table

Billiani Hippy 636 Dining Chair


Central Malone Chair

Malone Chair

Get a Custom Hotel Furniture Today!

Let your hotel stand out with custom hotel furniture from StyleNations. Being a leading custom hospitality furniture manufacturer, StyleNations helps you create bespoke furniture that would allow your hotel space to stand out. 

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