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How to style hotel interiors in 2021: Design trends of the future

Top trends I see taking the spotlight for 2021 is minimal aesthetic with neutral colors and touches of earthy tones, mixed with objects that possess meaning rather than just purely decorative. In the hotel sector and hospitality venues, people want to arrive to a feeling of comfort and experience a ‘home away from home’.

Blending old and new with curated pieces which highlight special meaning will help to provide a comfy environment where people feel private and protected. As many people are increasingly working from home, I think it is important that trends are adaptable and flexible to accommodate for this constant change in how people interact with a space.

A simple piece of furniture, a wall covering, or an artwork can create an everlasting impact on a guest who has been cooped up at home for hours on end.

Interior design is ultimately about feeling, a full sensory experience that transcends you to a place of relaxation and freedom. I am excited to see this beautiful blend of past and present for a future full of possibility.

Image Credits: Proper Hospitality, The Fullest, Architectural Digest and Dezeen

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