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Bar Furniture for Restaurants – What to Consider

Bar furniture always plays a crucial role in the overall design of a restaurant. From the bar stools to the tables, they always come to play in marking an impression on your customers. If they don’t feel comfortable and amused the first time they see these furnishings, then there might be something wrong. Hence, planning what furniture items to incorporate is an essential aspect to do. From the styling of these items to their layout in your space, factors concerning these bar furniture for restaurants should be taken into consideration. This begs the question, where do we begin? Here are some tips and things to look for when buying bar furniture for restaurants.

Things to Consider in a Bar Furniture for Restaurants

bar furniture for restaurants


Furniture items in bars and restaurants are susceptible to wear and tear since many customers use them every day. Hence, it would help if you chose furniture that could stand multiple usage and abuse.  If your fixtures are not durable, you risk having them broken by unruly customers. This may require you to replace them, driving up operating costs. A sturdy piece of furniture will keep you from repairing and replacing them.

To ensure durability, you should look into the material and construction of these items before buying them. In terms of durability and robustness, plastics are an excellent choice as long as they are high quality. Metal furniture items are sturdy as well, and they are reliable for long-term use. Since wood is easy to repair, it can also be a good choice.


Having a piece of stable furniture keep your customers safe from any untoward accident. The more robust the structure of the furniture, the more stable it is. To ensure that your furniture has complied with the stability standard, it should be able to meet three criteria. Primarily, it should pass two stability tests where its susceptibility to tip is gauged. Then, a permanent warning label should be present with the furniture. Finally, tip-over restraints should be included with each furniture item.


The comfort of your customer is central to any successful hospitality enterprise. If they feel cozy, they will continue to hang around your restaurant. They might even return in the future. Hence, keep their comfort in mind when rummaging through an array of choices. Considerations such as upholstery material, the rigidity of the foam, resistance to abrasion and scratches, edge curvature, and fireproof properties should be highlighted. These factors do not only ensure comfort to your customers, but they also ensure their safety.

Height of Bar Furniture for Restaurants

The height of your bar furniture – particularly the bar stool – is another crucial factor. We suggest that you take accurate measurements of the bar table before you decide on the height of the bar stool. A rule of thumb with bar stool heights is that you should allot 10 inches to 12 inches between the seat and the underside of the table counter.

Size of Restaurant

One thing to keep in mind with restaurants is that customers do not want to be squeezed by other diners. They went to feel cozy with the space allotted for them. Hence, choose the furniture that is in proportion to the size of your restaurant. Packing in large seating and tables would only limit the flow of people inside your restaurant. While it might be beneficial on the surface level since you will serve more people, the customers might only be inconvenienced by it.

Match Furniture to Decor

Every restaurant has its own theme to follow. Hence, we recommend matching your furniture with the overall aesthetic of your space. For example, if you are planning a more rustic feel to your place, consider adding traditional wooden furniture and wooden wall embellishments. On the other hand, metal furniture items complement an industrial or sports-themed bar. There are several bar furniture ideas and inspirations to choose from. And how you mix and match the furniture to the decor would make or break your restaurant.

Best Bar Furniture for Restaurants

bar furniture for restaurants

Being a leader in bespoke furniture manufacturing, StyleNations provides you with a wide array of classic and contemporary furniture items suited for your restaurant. There are so many ways to design your furniture. By collaborating with StyleNations, choosing the right furniture is at your fingertips. You can even customize the furniture to fit the considerations we have discussed above. Here are best-selling bar furniture items to choose from.

Lupe Guston Bar Stool

Guston Bar Stool

Billiani Load 648

LOAD 648

Middle Cove Cain Bar Stool

Cain Bar Stool

Luksus Dolphin Stool

Dolphin Stool

Billiani Doll 556

DOLL 556

Wrapping Up

Restaurants come in different themes and layouts. At some point, you might also base your restaurant on your target customers. But at the end of the day, it is the overall look and feel of the bar furniture for restaurants that would benefit you and your diners. Collaborating with custom furniture manufacturers like StyleNations will make your job a lot easier.

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