Commercial Bar Furniture Tips and Ideas StyleNations Custom Furniture

Commercial Bar Furniture Tips and Ideas

With more public spaces opening, more commercial venues are getting filled with customers. Everyone is looking forward to enjoying a good drink with their peers in a cozy bar or restaurant. As a commercial space owner, you should see to it that your customers would get their money’s worth after going to your restaurant. Apart from keeping the vibe dynamic and homey, you should see that the furnishings and embellishments would suit your customers’ energy. Everything starts with a good piece of commercial bar furniture.

Refurbishing your bar could be tricky, especially if you do not have the slightest idea of what to place inside it. Sourcing high-quality bar furniture pieces could also add to the burden, especially when the market is filled up. To make things more convenient on your end, StyleNations has curated the best bar furniture items to incorporate into your bars. Being a leader in furniture manufacturing, StyleNations would help you curate a seamless and vibrant bar that your customers would surely enjoy.

Our collection of furniture items is extensive and fully customizable. This allows you to design a more dynamic and memorable bar experience for your customer. In the article below, we have identified some of the best commercial furniture to choose from. We also discussed features to look for in a piece of a commercial nightclub furniture.

Durable Commercial Bar Furniture Matters

Commercial Bar Furniture Tips and Ideas StyleNations Custom Furniture

The durability and stability of commercial bart furniture always matter, and for a good reason. When customers feel they are secured in the furniture they use, they would not fear for their safety while staying at your bar. Instead, they would enjoy the rest of their time and hopefully consider going back to your bar. Remember, these furniture items are continuously used by people in and out of your bar. Ensuring they are sturdy enough would not only keep your customer safe but also help you save money from repairs and maintenance. This is beneficial in growing your business.

What makes a durable furniture piece? High-quality material and construction would constitute a durable product. They should have a high tolerance level for customer abuse. Plastic is a durable material choice. On the other hand, metal is a robust material. Wood is also a good choice, as long as you pick the right type that would not quickly wear and tear. While some factory-made furniture items may be cheaper, they usually deliver inferior quality that could be detrimental to your business. Investing in custom-made bar stools, wine cabinets and tables would assure you that they are sturdy for long-term usage.

The Comfort of Commercial Bar Furniture

Commercial Bar Furniture Tips and Ideas StyleNations Custom Furniture

Choosing style over comfort is one of a relevant save for a designing sin that a lot of bar owners tend to overlook. While maintaining a cohesive bar aesthetic is necessary, the comfort of the stools and tables should also be considered. As someone who owns a bar, you should always ensure that a relevant save like your diners would feel cozy so that they leave your bar feeling good. Check out our article on finding the most comfortable outdoor furniture for your space!A first impression usually lasts. Hence, customers who are satisfied with their first time going to your bar would surely be considering returning in the future.

When buying your hotel or bar furniture, you should consider the edges, materials, and upholstery. Leave sufficient space for your customers to move freely without feeling constrained due to the number of furnishings inside your bar. A good commercial bar layout design should also be taken into consideration, from the spaces behind a commercial bar to the depth of its counter. Everything should be in the right place to ensure a seamless movement of customers inside your bar. A simple update on the interior and a page change can do a lot of wonders!

If you are looking for a complete guide on commercial bar furniture selection tips and ideas, you can check our blog!

Commercial Bar Stools

Typically, customers want to go to a bar to unwind and enjoy a drink. Hence, the bar stool where they should sit should allow them to relax easily and comfortably. Therefore, we suggest looking for a well-constructed bar stool with steel frames and cushioned seats – an ideal piece. They should be at an appropriate height so your patrons will not be hard to use them. Usual bar stool height ranges from 29 inches to 36 inches.

Another thing to look at in these commercial bar stools is the presence of a backrest. Backrests provide support to the lumbar portion of the body, making it a necessity for bars that may serve food. Backless stools, on the other hand, provide a more minimalist look. Our collection at StyleNations consists of both backless stools and those with backrests.

These bar stools should also complement the aesthetic of your bar. Incorporating bold colors and textures in your stools would create a lively and striking ambiance. For those who want a rustic, sophisticated aesthetic, using stools with muted tones is the way to go. We have identified some of the best commercial bar stools below for your perusal.

m.a.d. Furniture Roto Bar Stool

This is a backless metal bar stool that is ideal for most bar aesthetics.

StyleNations-Roto Bar Stool

Pedrali Kuadra 1116 Stool

Noted for its chic style, this metal bar stool with a backrest would surely suit minimalist bars.

Kuadra 1116 Stool

Billiani Marimba 112 Stool

This is a backless wood bar stool with minimalist features.


Middle Cove Kamari Bar Stool

If you’re aiming for a modern rustic bar, this stool would be a good choice.

Kamari Bar Stool

Billiani Copiosa Marilyn Steel 7C43 Bar Stool

This is an upholstered bar stool perfect for industrial bars.


Commercial Bar Tables

The structure and construction of a bar table usually set the tone of your space. If you are planning to have an industrial-type bar, you can opt for metallic tables. Rustic and vintage bars usually incorporate wooden tables. You could also mix and match different structures depending on how you want your bar to look. Hence, there is a need to look into how they would appear vis a vis your bar stool and your bar aesthetic. After all, you would want your customers to have a memorable dining experience. 

Height is another factor to consider when looking for a good pub table. Primarily, the height affects how the table would be utilized. If it is too high, then your customers might be inconvenienced in reaching it. If it is too low, they might end up stooping to reach the table. Usually, the height of a bar table ranges from 40 inches to 42 inches. Ensure this height range so that your patrons will be comfortable.

Below are some excellent bar table choices.

Billiani Doll Table 750 Bar Table

Pair your white bar stools with this bar table.


Middle Cove Jeremy Bar Table

This furnishing will surely stand out in whatever bar you put this into.

Jeremy Bar Table

Lupe Oma Bar Table

This bar table is ideal for vintage-themed bars.

Oma Bar Table

Outdoor Commercial Bar Furniture

Furniture items in outdoor bars are usually different from those that are placed in indoor bars. These outdoor furniture items are commercial grade and are manufactured to withstand various external elements such as weather. At StyleNations, we have an extensive collection of outdoor furniture that you can incorporate to jazz up your outdoor space. There is no need to worry about rust or wear, these furniture items are constructed with precise specifications to work well in outside environments.

Below are excellent outdoor commercial bar furniture options.

Rattanica Onyx Stool

Its striking colors make it an excellent statement piece for your outdoor bars.

StyleNations-Onyx Stool

Vondom Wall Street Bar Stool

We love this bar stool for its unique design. In addition, this stool is available in various colors: white, black, and red.

Wall Street Bar Stool

M.A.D. Furniture Delta Stool

Finishes for this stool include natural ash, black, and chestnut.

Delta Stool-BLack Base with Black Leather Seat

Wrapping Up

Creating a chic bar isn’t a piece of cake. But with some creativity and critical thinking, you could put up an impressive bar. If you are looking for a guide in choosing these commercial bar furniture items, you can always turn to StyleNations for an extensive collection of furnishings that would suit your commercial bar. As a custom hospitality furniture manufacturer leader, StyleNations would collaborate with you to manufacture a bespoke statement piece for your hospitality space. Visit our website to shop now!

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