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Natural Dining Chairs Buying Guide 2023

Recent trends in the design industry show an increasing interest in aesthetics inspired by biophilia as a holistic approach to the many diverse elements of design. Furthermore, this biophilic approach to design (in the form of furniture such as natural dining chairs) centers on how nature is innately connected to the human psyche.

Biophilia is literally translated and understood as the love of life and living things. Most people incorporate feelings of relaxation and calmness with or in a natural setting. Hence, interaction with nature – especially in hospitality spaces – bears positive benefits such as increased productivity and reduced level of stress.

A key element of interior design is the furniture that is strategically placed in certain spaces. There are certain standards that you have to meet when it comes to choosing your furniture, such as natural dining chairs.

In this article, we are going to be identifying what constitutes these dining chairs. Moreover, we will be taking a look at some of the best natural dining chairs that you can install in the dining room of your hospitality spaces.

What Constitutes Natural Dining Chairs?

The first question you should ask when looking for dining chairs is how you should know that it is organic. Here are some of the characteristics that constitute natural dining chairs.

Material and Finish

natural dining chairs

Natural dining chairs are, more often than not, mostly made with wood to highlight their natural element. But it is not only limited to wood.

The materials can also have a minimalistic metal structure. Such materials are polished yet still, have a strikingly natural appearance. They would also need to complement the organic material of the chair.

Color Scheme

The color palette for these dining chairs includes various tones of white, gray, and brown and some hints of greeneries. Such colors encourage a tranquil and harmonious sight which subsequently improves daily functions.

Wood dining chairs tend to steer away from bright and vivid colors.

Structure and Geometry

natural dining chairs structure

Finally, the structure of natural dining chairs is mostly simplistic and tends to avoid outlandish and unconventional shapes.

The general silhouette of wood dining chairs is of curvaceous lines that are neat and pleasant. Such types of dining chairs are mainly of minimalistic geometry with subtle hints of modernness. 

Types of Wood for Natural Dining Chairs

Wood dining chairs come in various craftsmanship and materials. Let us explore the most common ones that are used by leading furniture manufacturers.


Primarily, oak is one of the most popular hardwoods in furniture production. Many manufacturers opt for oak because of its distinctive grain patterns that are frequently raised.

This wood is highly durable and strong. It can resist rot, making it a great option for the outdoors.

The color of oak can range from beige to reddish brown. Such color becomes more golden and warmer as it ages.


Walnut is a dark and dense wood material. It is a popular choice for its grain pattern which ranges from uniform to highly figured.

In terms of its color, walnut has a rich brown natural color. However, the color tone can also be changed from white to a dark chocolate brown color.

In terms of durability, walnut is a durable choice. Because of its dense structure, it can be long-lasting.


Because of its durability and strength, teak is an exceptional hardwood choice. It is durable enough to resist extreme weather conditions, warping, and rotting.

What makes teak a stand-out material is the fact that it contains natural properties that other wooden materials do not have.

Teak requires little to no maintenance. It can last up to 75 years. If taken care of properly, it can even last more than 75 years.


Finally, we have maple. Maple is another popular hardwood material used in wood dining chairs. It is derived from the exact tree as the brown maple tree.

This hardwood has clear and straight grains. However, there are also instances of burls and swirls throughout the wood.

In terms of color, maple has a distinctly bright color that sets it apart from the other options on this list. As a matter of fact, the color ranges from light brown to pale cream.

In terms of how light affects maple, it begins as a rich color that will eventually turn into soft gold when left exposed.

How to Clean Natural Dining Chairs

To maintain the quality of dining chairs, you must use a precise cleaning method. There is a general cleaning technique to do. However, maintaining the chair would also depend on its material.

Generally, utilize a soft nylon brush to first clear away any minor debris. Clean the surface with a sponge and mild soapy water.

Then, apply a microfiber cloth to absorb any extra water. Allow the wood to naturally dry out lastly.

You should use oils, finishings, and sealants to treat the wood in order to maintain its natural color. The frequency depends on the environment of your dining room.

If you want to bring the wood’s original color back, you can alternatively choose to use sandpaper and sand along the grain. To further achieve the desired results, combine hot water with oxalic acid crystals.

Dining chairs made of oak, in particular, consist of low oil content. Hence, we recommend replenishing the oil content time and again to ensure that its quality does not degrade.

Teak, on the other hand, is very durable, so minimal maintenance may be necessary. However, if you want to retain its golden finish, we suggest that you periodically oil the wood.

10 Best Natural Dining Chairs

Dalee Dining Chair

This chair consists of a teak frame with brown leather strapping.

Marquis Dining Chair

Wood finishes can range from walnut to natural teak to bring out that organic look.

Kiti Beech Wood Chair

This chair is made of natural beech wood, a durable material for wood dining chairs.

Simeon Dining Chairs

Its ergonomic design and durable construction make it a perfect addition to the dining room area of your hospitality space.

Aldo A-1070 Chair

Wood finishes can range from walnut to natural beech to bring out that organic look.

Kohen Dining Chair

Its materials include study hardwood and metal for secured seating.

Bellamy Arm Chair

This dining room chair is an ideal option for hospitality spaces with eccentric designs.

Archer Dining Chair

The wood material of this dining chair is customizable to suit your dining room aesthetic.

Kaiser Arm Chair

Mix and match various organic materials with this chic dining chair.

Joey Dining Chair

Its upholstered seat adds comfort to its already sturdy craftsmanship.

Wrapping Up

The incorporation of natural characteristics and elements into the interior design and furniture pieces encourages a more conducive environment for your hospitality guests. Interior design constitutes many diverse aspects that can be seen in a space, such as furnishings, lighting, materials and finishes, and furniture sets and pieces.

To learn more about the best natural dining chairs, you can lean on the experts in patio furniture manufacturing. At StyleNations, we collaborate with you to fully furnish your hospitality spaces with the best wood dining chairs.

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