Custom Outdoor Furniture: Things to Consider When Choosing One

More often than not, what completes an outdoor space is a functional piece of furniture. You can have the best landscape design or a vividly elaborate exterior, but it would always be incomplete without any outdoor furniture. Having the right fixture would provide much-needed comfort while bringing out your personal aesthetic. And what better way to highlight your style than by purchasing custom outdoor furniture.

What are Custom Outdoor Furniture?

custom outdoor furniture

Custom outdoor furniture are pieces of fixtures that you can tailor in order to suit your outdoor space needs. They vary in terms of shape, material, size, and color, among others. Customizing pushes you beyond your imagination, allowing you to create out-of-the-box designs. With tailor-made outdoor furniture, you can bring out functionality and purpose without losing your personal flair. 

At StyleNations, we provide a wide selection of custom outdoor furniture that can be built to complement your outdoor living area. Being a leading custom furniture manufacturer, StyleNations collaborates with you in order to conjure bespoke furniture with distinctive craftsmanship and construction. We help you can curate these items based on how you want your outdoor to be, hence you can choose from a variety of factors to customize. 

Things to Consider When Selecting a Custom Outdoor Furniture

custom outdoor furniture stylenations

Size and Shape

First on the list is the shape and size of the furniture. Customizing outdoor furniture begins with having a sound grasp of your space. This allows you to determine the shape and size of your furniture without needing to compromise too much in the end. We suggest that you begin measuring your patio and choosing its ideal layout. There are several ways to arrange your outdoor space to maximize your furniture. After doing the layout, it would be easier for you to tailor the size and shape of your fixture.

Durability of Custom Outdoor Furniture

Because your furniture would be situated outdoors, it would be inevitable for them not to be exposed to external elements such as heat and moisture. Constant exposure to these elements could wear these products quickly. And without proper care, you might find yourself looking for a replacement in no time. Hence, you need to ensure that these fixtures are built using durable materials. Durable materials such as steels, plastics, and powder-coated aluminum can help resist ultraviolet light. Applying finish and varnish to wood furniture could also help protect them from heat.


Most homeowners would settle with factory-made furniture items with natural wood finishes to furnish their outdoor space. While the color and construction of factory-made seats are safe, you may risk not complementing your exterior’s landscape. Hence, we suggest choosing furniture items with bright tones because they tend to exude an exuberant vibe. If you want to think out of the box, you may opt for patterned colors for that outlandish ambiance. Take a look at this walnut table top which is a good example. Always be creative. The possibilities for color combinations are endless.


Furnishings aren’t only meant to provide beauty to your exterior, but they should be your source of solace after a long day of work. This is why you must ensure that these furniture items are built to provide comfort as well. There are several benefits of a suitable fixture on your overall being, including improvement in your physical health. To ensure that you have the correct item for your comfort level, test them before purchasing them.

Easy to Clean

Since your furniture is situated outside, expect it to catch some dirt time and again. Hence, ensuring that it is easy to clean is crucial. For example, you may want to look into using poly furniture. Any dirt that gets on the surface of these furnishings can easily be wiped off.

Quality of the Custom Outdoor Furniture

The quality of your outdoor furnishing commensurates to its life span. If you invest in low-quality outdoor furniture, you would most likely spend more on repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Considering high-quality outdoor furnishing would ensure that these pieces can withstand whatever external conditions that your place has. For example, how can you gauge whether the item is high quality? You may want to sit on it for at least five minutes. If the seat feels feeble, it might not be the quality you would like to place on your patio.

Resistance to Molds

Cheap wooden furniture could be the breeding ground for molds and rot. Hence, it would be best to look into high-quality furniture with a good finish to avoid any untoward growth. This is crucial since you should want your furniture to last a long period without having to replace it.

Resistance to Fade

Aside from the tendency for rots and molds, you should also ensure that your custom furnishings don’t tend to fade. Therefore, you have to ensure that the color and finishes of your item would not fade over time, even if it would be exposed to moisture. A lot of poly furniture can resist fade, so you may want to consider that.

Storage of the Custom Outdoor Furniture

For outdoor fixtures such as patio furniture, you should consider where you will store them. Securing these items can help you increase their life span. We suggest that you look for a broad and contained basement or garage that would secure them from harmful elements. Well-protected furniture items are free from wear or damage. If your storage area is not that wide, we suggest you customize a piece of foldable furniture to save up more space.


Finally, consider the cost of your furniture. Generally, most homeowners would lean towards the more inexpensive tailor-made furnishings for their patios. However, doing so would be a risk considering you may run the risk of cheap craftsmanship. Custom furniture might be a little more expensive, but remember that quality comes with a price. So the critical thing to do now is to balance out these two to tailor a piece of quality furniture within your budget. Ultimately, with the right balance of cost and quality, you could develop a great selection of furniture for your outdoor space.

Best Custom Outdoor Furniture

Yogi Anselmo Sette

Anselmo Settee

Nardi Komodo 5


Rattanica Elmo Lounge Chair

StyleNations-Elmo Lounge Chair

Yogi Atticus Accent Lounge

Atticus Accent Lounge Chair

Omni Clement Lounge Chair

Clement Lounge Chair

Rattanica Filato Lounge Chair

StylenATIONS-Filato Lounge Chair


Bespoke outdoor furniture items are creative pieces that you could incorporate into your outdoor space to make it more cozy and attractive. So if you are looking for custom outdoor furniture, you can always turn to StyleNations for a generous collection of items that you can tailor to suit your outdoor aesthetic. As a custom furniture manufacturer leader, StyleNations would team with you to build a bespoke statement piece for your outdoor living space.

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