Custom Made Bar Stools: Choosing the Best One

In any kitchen space, having comfortable seating options such as bar stools and counter stools should always be on top of your priority. Your kitchen area is an ideal place to commune with your friends and family, hence the need for cozy seating solutions to accommodate everyone. Purchasing a tailor-made stool may be convenient, but there may be drawbacks to such a thing, especially since they may not suit your overall aesthetic and preference. We suggest customizing your bar stools to fit your space, style, and kitchen needs. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at custom made bar stools.

What are Custom Made Bar Stools?

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Simply put, custom bar stools are pieces of furniture that you get to personalize to suit your home or restaurant. Custom made bar stools differ in terms of color, size, material, and shape you can possibly imagine. 

Being bespoke furniture items, you can choose the material from which the stools will be constructed. Materials such as steel, wood, polypropylene, and aluminum are usually the top choices. These bar stools can further be finished in a variety of options. These finishes include lacquer, powder coat, woven rattan, wood stain, or rope, depending on your bar aesthetic. If your bar is situated outside, you can opt for various upholstery options such as leather, vinyl, or fabric. With all these design choices, you can curate a distinct design for your stools. 

At StyleNations, we provide a wide selection of the finest bar stools that you can customize to complement your kitchen. Being a leading custom furniture manufacturer, StyleNations would collaborate with you to produce stunning bar stools that would suit your commercial or residential space. We can source out the materials and finishes that you need, allowing you to craft a distinct piece of furniture that would fit your preference.

Why Get Custom Made Bar Stools?

Custom made bar stools stylenations

For restaurateurs, it is important to keep the aesthetic of your hospitality space on point. Your restaurant’s story is unique in its own way, hence it warrants a commercial bar stool that would suit its style. You do not want to have a bar stool that seems out of place. It might become an eyesore in your restaurant, driving customers away instead of attracting them to visit your bar. Instead, think out of the box and use your stools in unexpected ways. This will drive more customers into your restaurant.

Bar stools are as important to homeowners as they do to restaurant owners. These pieces of stools provide extra seating so you can accommodate people on your bar. By having them placed strategically in your kitchen, you can create a welcoming dining atmosphere with just your seats.

Things to Consider when Getting Custom Made Bar Stools

Style of the Bar Stool

Bar stools come in a wide array of styles. The style of the chair highly depends on how they would complement your kitchen interior and your preferences. Do you want to make it blend with the kitchen, or do you want it to stand out? Do you want to complement or layer the different materials with these stools? How will the stools work with the space that you have? The answers to these questions will determine the style of your custom bar stool. Whether the style of your kitchen is industrial, modern, or rustic, you will be able to look for a stool that would complement your aesthetic. 

Surface Height of the Bar Stool

One of the most important things to consider when getting a custom bar stool is its height. It should be proportional to the height of your table or bar. Generally, the height of bar stools ranges from 28 inches to 30 inches from floor to seat. With such height, you should be able to pair it with a bar or counter that would range between 40 inches to 42 inches in height. We recommend keeping nine to twelve inches between the stool and seat and the bottom of the bar or counter so that those who will sit on the stool will have a comfortable leg space.

Surface Width of the Bar Stool

Aside from the surface height, the surface width of the bar stool is of importance as well. The width, in particular, is essential because this lets your guests avoid bumping elbows with the person beside them.

 In order to do so, you have to measure the width of the bar. For seats with diameters that range between 16 inches to 18 inches, ensure that the space in between each stool is six inches wide. For stools with a diameter ranging from 19 inches to 22 inches, you should have around eight to 10 inches of space in between them. By doing so, you will allow your guests to sit and leave your bar stool without causing any hassle.

Legroom Distance

This is a frequently overlooked feature, but legroom distance is a very important factor to consider. After all, no one would like to hit their knees against the furniture, right? Hence, leaving sufficient legroom is important. We recommend that you keep between 12 to 14 inches of space from the front of the bar stool to the upright where your knees would usually rest. The exact measurement depends on how comfortable you are when seated on the bar stool.

Custom Finishes

For bar stools, it is the details that would catch one’s attention. Hence, considering the finish of the stool is crucial as it is essential. You can pick from a variety of finishes to complement your bar or counter. Custom finishes range from wood finishes (mahogany, walnut, and hazelnut, among others)  to metal finishes (gold, chrome, and stainless steel, among others), depending on your manufacturer.

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Creating custom made bar stools is a fun and exciting way to spice up your kitchen or restaurant. Aside from providing a cozy seating solution for your guests, these stools are also attractive additions to your space. So if you are looking for custom bar stools, you can always visit StyleNations for an array or collection that would fit your style and preference. As a custom furniture manufacturer leader, StyleNations will collaborate with you to produce a bespoke statement piece for your home or restaurant.

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