Commercial Hospitality Furniture Buying Guide

Commercial Hospitality Furniture Buying Guide

When entering a hospitality establishment, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes, you first notice the general ambiance and interior design of the establishment. From wall colors and decors to the floor layout and commercial hospitality furniture pieces, the general vibe and interior design of the hospitality establishment speak a lot about the brains behind the scenes. 

The most prominent element is the commercial hospitality furniture laid throughout the property. Such furniture pieces give your customers their first impression of your establishment, from the looks and vibe to the experience that you aim to provide.

Ultimately, your customers’ first impression of your establishment will define your position and further your marketability as a hospitality establishment in the industry. This is why customers’ first impression of the hospitality establishment is very essential in the hospitality and customer service industry.

What is Commercial Hospitality Furniture?

Commercial hospitality furniture is basically the commodity that you see in hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments and settings. Such furniture pieces include, but are not limited to, seating furniture such as lounge chairs, dining chairs, sofas, and ottomans, and tables like bar tables and dining tables

What Makes Commercial Hospitality Furniture Distinct?

Modern Interior Commercial Hospitality Furniture

There is a fine line of difference between commercial hospitality furniture and typical residential furniture. As the name implies, commercial hospitality furniture is generally used for establishments that offer customer service and guest accommodations like hotels, restaurants, and bars. In contrast, residential furniture is typically for the personal use of homeowners and families inside their own homes.

There are certain cases, such as boutique hotel furniture, where furniture pieces may seem a bit more home-like and personal but are still used for commercial purposes. This can be pretty confusing, but boutique hotels, unlike traditional upscale hotels, tend to make their guests feel more at home away from home. Thus, custom commercial hospitality furniture is used in order to cater to their preferences.

Custom hospitality furniture is designed to resist wear and tear from the constant use of many different guests for such a long period of time. They are primarily of easy maintenance and made with commercial-grade materials to ensure stability and durability.

Commercial Hospitality Furniture must follow timely and commercial-grade standards such as AWI and FSC standards. Therefore, you must purchase your furniture from a knowledgeable hospitality furniture manufacturer that complies with such standards to ensure that you are buying high-quality furniture that gives justice to its purpose.

Advantages of Working with Certified Commercial Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer

Commercial Hospitality Furniture StyleNations

It is beneficial for you to work with certified commercial hospitality furniture manufacturers in many ways. First and foremost, you will be assured of high quality and unpretentious craftsmanship, products, and services that comply with proper global standards. 

Such hospitality manufacturers comprehensively and efficiently streamline their production and delivery timelines, which will then be coordinated with you. This is to provide you with sufficient time for planning and purchasing that will comply with your own timeline.

StyleNations is a certified custom hospitality furniture manufacturer that caters to your furniture needs through their vast selections of custom hospitality furniture in their catalog. From seating furniture like dining and lounge chairs to tables, StyleNations provides you with high-quality, durable, and commercial-grade custom hospitality furniture without a hassle.

Who Uses Commercial Hospitality Furniture?

Who Uses Commercial Hospitality Furniture?

Hospitality establishments are the primary target market for commercial hospitality furniture manufacturers. Hospitality establishments are businesses that provide products and services to consumers through the different hospitality sectors, which are food & beverage (F&B), travel & tourism, lodging, and recreation.

These establishments are hotels, boutique hotels, motels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, and many more. These businesses are commonly situated within high-traffic areas such as town centers, business areas, food districts, and parks. This means that they are exposed to many key demographics and that they are providing their products and services to many guests and customers daily.

Such exposure may cause damages to their property if not maintained properly. Thus, more often than not, they have to purchase commercial-grade materials, especially their furniture, so as to be more cost-efficient and provide their customers with their best service.

What to Look For in Commercial Hospitality Furniture?

Commercial Hospitality Furniture StyleNations


Comfort must be the top priority when choosing your custom hospitality furniture. You need to be mindful of the fact that you will not be the only one using them. Guests and customers will also use your furniture. This will significantly impact your guests’ and customers’ impressions of your services as a hospitality establishment.

We recommend the base materials and finishes for your hospitality furniture. They must be stable and durable to resist tear and wear caused by constant use. Finishes must be non-abrasive and smoothly done. Also, the size of the furniture must be provided.

Style of Commercial Hospitality Furniture

Subsequently, style and aesthetics must also be considered in order to provide an eye-pleasing ambiance and vibe to your hospitality establishment. When it comes to styling your custom hospitality furniture, be mindful of your establishment’s general interior design style. Identify and determine some aspects of the design style that can be incorporated into your furniture pieces, such as the color palette, general silhouette, and patterns.

We recommend you incorporate subtle hints of your personality into your furniture pieces in order for them to be unique. The most prominent element of design is the color palette which is why you need to choose the right colors and curvy lines for the silhouette of your furniture to achieve a harmonious and cohesive ensemble. 

Customizability of the Commercial Hospitality Furniture

One key factor for more personalized sets of furniture is their adaptability and customizability. It will be a lot easier for you to choose and mix and match your furniture pieces if you can tailor them to your own preferences. This will also help you achieve a more cohesive and in-sync ensemble. For example, you can choose the colors and finishes of your furniture according to your artistic and creative preferences.

Quantity and Layout

You also have to consider the quantity and layout of your furniture pieces throughout your property. Always be mindful of the foot traffic that moves along. Planning the layout of your establishment can be quite challenging since you will be considering many factors such as paths, number of customers or capacity, sizes, and positioning of your furniture sets and pieces. 

We recommend you comprehensively plan your layout by considering the perspective of guests and customers. Think like your customers and choose the locations where optimal satisfactory customer service is provided. Consider spaces where there is an excellent view of the outside’s sophisticated scenery while also giving room for the appreciation of your interior design. 

Mix and Match Commercial Hospitality Furniture

It is beneficial for your establishment to emphasize your layout. In order to achieve this, you can mix and match your furniture pieces to make different areas in your property distinct and unique from each other.

Firstly, identify the different areas in your establishment and determine their respective locations. From there, you can assign varying furniture pieces among the areas. Finally, we recommend that you choose furniture pieces that vary but still are cohesive and complementary.

Choose furniture pieces that are of the same color scheme or at least close to each other. This will emphasize the cohesiveness and harmony of the different areas. Moreover, the style and structure of the varying furniture pieces must at least be identical and complementary. Make sure that you choose furniture pieces that comply with your interior design style. With this, you can achieve distinguishable areas without compromising your overall interior look.

Location of Use

You have to consider whether your furniture pieces are to be used for indoor or outdoor use. We recommend you be mindful of the harsh conditions of the outside environment that can cause deterioration of your furniture. Choose durable and resilient outdoor furniture pieces that can resist the extreme weathering conditions of the outside. 

Also, consider furniture pieces that can be easily stacked and moved to be stocked into storage rooms when heavy rains and other intense weathering conditions occur. This is vital for the life expectancy of your furniture, which subsequently provides cost-efficiency.


Product warranty gives you the assurance and security that the products and services that you will receive are satisfactory and of the right quality. Always be aware of the warranty and restrictions of your purchases since it will be your shield when you encounter technical difficulties and unintentional problems and defects with your furniture pieces. This is why it is also beneficial to work with custom hospitality furniture manufacturers such as StyleNations that offer a warranty with their products.

Delivery Time

Consider the amount of time it takes for your furniture to be delivered to you. You have to know the delivery time and restrictions when purchasing custom hospitality furniture. Technically, we suggest that you order your furniture pieces 12 to 14 weeks ahead of time. This will give hospitality furniture manufacturers sufficient time to produce them appropriately and ship them to you. This will also assure you that your furniture will be delivered to you hassle-free and of high quality.

Considering all these factors, you may find it quite challenging to look for such a hospitality furniture manufacturer that can cater to all your furniture needs and preferences. Worry no more because StyleNations has got you covered.

At StyleNations, you can search for the right hospitality furniture pieces from its vast selection of furniture, from different seating furniture to tables. You can also exercise your artistic freedom because StyleNations offers totally customizable furniture where you can mix and match colors and finishes for your desired furniture. Achieve all these through partnering with StyleNations.

10 Best Commercial Hospitality Furniture

Here are ten of the best commercial hospitality furniture pieces that you can choose from for your establishment.

Big Aria

main product photo

The Big Aria is a spacious upholstered dining chair that features a curvy silhouette and calming color scheme. This is great for indoor dining areas.

Lady New Dining Chair


This upholstered dining chair has high backrest support with a wide base. Its minimalist structure is great for spaces with a modern design style.

Zoe Side Table


The Zoe side table features a very geometric silhouette with artistically shaped lines as a base. Its minimalist base goes well with its smoothly polished, which is great for minimalist spaces and settings.

Hex Tile Table


This cute and small table features a hexagonal top with a hex design. Its hexagonal shape is projected from bottom to top— it is a masterpiece of both design and structure.

Loft Coffee Table

Loft Coffee Table

The Loft coffee table is a simplistic rectangular table. Its wood material is excellent for those that are achieving a light yet solid aesthetic style. 

Stellar Chair

Stylenations-Stellar Chair Front

This chair is excellent for outdoor spaces. Its minimalist silhouette and modern look suit well with outdoor spaces that cater to all sorts of demographics. It is sophisticated yet functional.

TUK Bar stool

main product photo

This upholstered tall bar stool features a hexagonal silhouette on top. It has side supports that act as stoppers and provide safe seating for customers. This looks great for bars that are generally chill and chic in vibe.

Xiomara 3 Seater Sofa


This long and wide sofa offers guests a lounging experience that stimulates socialization. With its curvy silhouette, this sofa sits perfectly well with any design style.

Odin Dining Table

Odin Dining Table

The Odin dining table is a classic dining table with its rectangular top and atypically shaped base. This dining table harmonizes well with a classy and sophisticated design style.

Celia Paris Chair- Cloth

Celia Paris Chair- Cloth

Finally, this Parisian Bistro dining chair is excellent for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its curvaceous backrest and wide base offer comfort that complements its distinct style. 

Wrapping Up: Commercial Hospitality Furniture

Whether you are an amateur looking for inspiration or an experienced entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, we at StyleNations are more than willing to provide you with our products and services. Ultimately, your choices will define the outcome of your project. Thus, make sure to be very mindful of the things, even the little ones, that can make or break your business.

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