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10 Best Seating Furniture to Install for Modern Spaces

Per the recent trends in the design industry, most interior designers prefer the modern design style. Modern spaces are described as mostly of monochromatic tones. In addition to this, modern spaces are minimalistic, mostly linear, and lit with natural lighting. Furthermore, such a design style incorporates simple to complex geometry into pieces that will occupy the space— giving designers and planners artistic freedom with the space.

Designing spaces, for empty ones or renovations, can be a bit tricky. May it be for commercial and/or residential spaces— a lot of considerations are needed to be put into the idea board. Most of these ideas center on the pieces of furniture, specifically Seating Furniture, which could occupy the space and give it justice. These seating furniture pieces will give the space its distinct kind of style.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Seating Furniture for Modern Spaces

seating furniture for modern spaces stylenations


Comfort must be your top priority when buying furniture online. The purpose of furniture is to provide relief to occupants. Undoubtedly, choosing style over comfort defeats the essence of the space and will definitely be a huge inconvenience to homeowners, hospitality owners, and mainly the users of the furniture themselves. Hence, comfort will always give justice to the purpose of the seating furniture and the space itself.

To provide comfort, we recommend putting into consideration the size (dimensions), materials used and finishes, and the structural design of the seating furniture. Firstly, the size (considering length, width, and height) of the seating must be spacious enough for the users. This way, they can move easily. You should note that they should not be too massive that it takes up a lot of space. Such a tip is also recommended when choosing commercial restaurant furniture.

The materials must be of good quality, durable, and non-abrasive. We recommend materials like polished wood or metals for the frame, foam covered with soft and/or textured fabric (upholstered), and clean curved edges as a finish. The structural design of the seating must be able to provide sufficient support to the user.


Subsequently, style should come after comfort. It is the look of the space that defines its “modern” design—giving justice to the term “modern space”. When choosing seating furniture for modern spaces, there are defining characteristics of modern design that must be incorporated.

 Color Palette

Modern design uses mostly neutral and monochromatic colors which are not eye-straining and emphasizes the shape of the furniture. Tones like black, gray, beige, and white are the most common. However, other tones and pastel hues can also be applied just to steer clear of highly saturated and bright colors. This gives a rather calming and serene look to the seating furniture.

Clean Lines

This pertains to the geometry or the shape and outline of the seating furniture. For modern spaces, the general outline or the silhouette of the furniture utilizes linear qualities. However, they can also have curvaceous lines and soft minimal curves. Furniture incorporated with soft lines, arcs, and minimal curves is popular in the modern design style. Such silhouette provides designers and owners the artistic freedom with their furniture pieces and the entire look of the space without compromising comfort.


Seating must be minimalist in design, mostly of plain singular color, with little to no pattern at all. Size-wise, seating is usually low and long. The minimalistic approach makes the space look more spacious and cozy, and at the same time lets you focus on the whole space


 One more thing to consider is the adaptability of the seating furniture. Adaptability pertains to the capability of the furniture to adjust to a variety of settings and orientations. Seating furniture must be able to suit anywhere you put them in the space without defeating the purpose and not compromising the entire look of the space.

Furthermore, this factor proves to be a cost-efficient strategy. Having versatile seating will save you from buying more furniture pieces in cases that the space needs a reorientation or reorganizing for a fresh new look.

Considering all that’s been said, StyleNations offers a wide variety of seating furniture such as arm chairs, lounge chairs, and dining chairs that are high quality, and fashionable. Moreover, they are completely customizable to accommodate your preferences. May it be with the material, color, and finishes, your needs for your modern space are met. Thus, your furniture pieces are specially created for you, unique to you, without the requirement of a huge budget.

10 Seating Furniture For Modern Spaces

Check out our hand-picked selections for furniture pieces that you can install on modern spaces! You can also check our boutique furniture buying guide on this article.

Middle Cove Alden Dining Chair

This dining chair suits the design concept of a modern space with its stone gray color with cylindrical polished wood base. This will surely give your dining area a solid yet calming look.

Alden Dining Chair

Omni August Armchair

This sophisticated armchair offers a floating-like look and feel since your legs will be unobstructed by its base. It featured a thin but rigid stainless steel tube frame and base. Undoubtedly, it is simple yet elegant.

August Armchair

Middle Cove Ailani 3 Seater Sofa

Its minimalist design and neutral color will surely make your space look high caliber without compromising comfort.

Ailani 3 Seater Sofa

Yogi Nias Chair

This Parisian Bistro chair offers a seemingly soft burst of color which harmonizes well with its stained wood frame. This chair is a good selection to be included for an outdoor furniture!

Nias Chair Full View

Lupe Ora Dining Chair

The silhouette of this dining chair gives off a geometric look with its cube-like base and curvaceous seat and backrest— it looks edgy but quite timid.


Billiani Copiosa Lido 4C57

This dining chair exhibits just how big an impact can small pieces deal with the entire visuals of a space with its minimalist size and design.


Middle Cove Adele Lounge Chair

With its minimalist structure of the wood base and support topped with upholstery, this chair will surely suit anywhere you may put it in the space without compromising the overall look.

Adele Lounge Chair

Omni Chester Ottoman

  Its round shape and lowered height make it a very versatile ottoman— providing a simplistic yet sophisticated look.

Chester Ottoman

Rattanica Mataram Bench

With rattan as its skeletal frame with plenty of finishes to choose from, this bench provides comfort and style you will not regret.


Billiani Fratina 681

Its simplistic silhouette makes it a very adaptable piece of furniture that could harmonize well with anything and anywhere you may put it.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, choosing the right seating furniture for your modern space will mainly depend on how you want your space to look and feel, on how you would want to showcase your style and taste. With this guide, you can achieve a modern design style without compromising comfort and aesthetics for they shall be hand in hand. With StyleNations, you are given the opportunity to exercise your creative and artistic freedom. Their wide range of options to choose from is of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they are also completely customizable to suit your own distinct style and taste.

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