Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception

Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception

The hotel reception area is the frontline of the hotel’s customer service. It is where most of the hotel’s internal and external transactions are made and done. This is why the reception is also called the nerve center of the hotel. Hence, hotel owners should invest in the best custom furniture for hotel reception.

Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception: An Overview

Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception

As one of the most overlooked parts of the hotel, the reception usually takes up the smallest portion of the hotel building. Since it is technically located upfront, it is the area that gives guests their first impression of the hotel.

Designing the hotel reception can be a bit tricky. After all, the hotel reception is, more often than not, the very face of the hotel. It must be something to focus your attention on, like any part of the hotel. Therefore, you must ensure that you reflect the hotel’s vision and mission as a hospitality establishment.

In addition, you must remember to incorporate the essential elements that will comprise the hotel reception. These include wall decors, lighting fixtures, and custom reception furniture sets.

Choosing furniture for hotel reception can be considered a complicated feat. With the right amount of knowledge, you can achieve a hotel reception area that is inviting and on brand. In this article, we have curated the best custom furniture for hotel reception for your perusal.

Things to Consider with the Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception

Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception

When it comes to choosing the best custom furniture for hotel reception, there are factors that you need to consider. These factors ensure that your hotel fixtures are appropriate and satisfactory.


When buying or choosing furniture pieces for hotel reception, priority consideration must always be guests’ comfort.

As the hotel’s frontline in customer service, the reception area will lay the groundwork for impressing the guests. Thus, if the reception area gives off the wrong impression, it will definitely reflect on the whole duration of their stay in the hotel.

To provide comfort, we recommend considering the right size, materials used, finishes, and structural integrity of the furniture pieces.

Furniture must also be of adequate size. Hence, consider the length, width, and height. This way, you do not occupy too much space in the reception area. With such features, you could also provide guests with enough space to work with.

In addition, the right combination of base material and finish will guarantee comfort. An example would be having upholstered ones or simple, smoothly polished ones. Furthermore, comfortable furniture pieces will surely impress guests and make them feel cared for and at home.


Subsequently, style comes after comfort. Hence, to make an excellent first impression on guests, furniture for hotel reception must dominantly be stylish and elegant in an unpretentious manner at first glance.

Considering this, furniture for hotel reception must primarily harmonize with the general outlook of the hotel. This will avoid the furniture from looking out of place and irrelevant.

Firstly, define the general design style of the hotel’s interior and the reception area. From there, determine the defining elements of the style that can be taken inspiration from or incorporated with the furniture pieces. These include the color palette, silhouette, and structure, to name a few.

We recommend that you be mindful of the general color scheme because when it comes to design, color is the most prominent feature and is the first thing people notice.

With these, furniture pieces can truly harmonize and make the general outlook of the space consistent, in sync, and welcoming.

Layout and Quantity

We recommend that you be mindful of the number of furniture pieces you will put at the hotel reception. This is to avoid unnecessary pieces that take up too much of the space. Overcrowding renders the area messy, inappropriate, and hard to navigate.

As the face of the hotel, the hotel reception must have a straightforward layout. It should not be overwhelming. Moreover, it should be well with foot and luggage traffic and spacious enough to achieve a welcoming feel.


Another thing to consider when choosing furniture for hotel reception is the durability of the materials used.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel reception area gets a lot of daily traffic from guests and deliveries. This exposes the furniture pieces to potential deterioration and abrasion.

Hence, it is recommended to choose furniture sets that are made with high-quality, durable materials and finishes that can stand the test of time.

Bespoke Design

With unique furniture pieces for hotel reception, the hotel gains more of an identity, especially since the reception area gives the guests the first impression of the hotel.

Unique furniture pieces are not necessarily outlandish and irregular. They just have this hint of distinctness that makes them stand out. Thus, customizable furniture pieces are at play. With custom furniture pieces, you can never be stuck with the old boring generic pieces, and you can practice your creative freedom.

When curating bespoke furniture pieces for your hotel reception, you can turn to custom furniture manufacturers such as StyleNations. StyleNations offers a wide variety of custom furniture pieces you can choose from – seating furniture such as lounge chairs, reception chairs, and sofas to all sorts of tables.

With customized furniture pieces, you can add your personal touch to it, a mix and match, giving it more of an identity. StyleNations provides an array of totally customizable options to accommodate your preferences, whether with the material, color, or finishes. Thus, your furniture pieces are specially crafted for you and your guests without the requirement of a huge budget.

f you want to learn like a pro with interior designing and furniture sourcing, here’s our blog on 6 Things to Consider When Choosing A Hotel Furniture Manufacturer.

10 Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception

Doll Steel 554


Corbin Chair

Corbin Chair-Bella Smoke-Satin Brass

Axle Lounge Chair

Axle Lounge Chair-Black Base  with Lead Grey Seat

Kaydence 2 Seater Sofa

Kaydence 2 Seater Sofa

June Sofa

June Sofa-Brushed Ebony

A-1515/1 Ottoman

StyleNations-A-1515/1 Ottoman

Huddle Hex Stool- Parlour Range

Huddle Hex Stool- Parlour Range

Eros Coffee Table


Sabinas Coffee Table

Sabinas Coffee Table

Crew Coffee Table

Crew Coffee Table

Best Custom Furniture for Hotel Reception – Wrapping Up

As a hospitality establishment, hotels should provide quality service to their guests. As the frontline to doing that, the hotel reception shall have a welcoming and inviting feel.

With the wide selection of StyleNations’ best custom furniture for hotel reception, your guests are guaranteed to be satisfied. Hence, reach out to StyleNations now to maximize your creativity and allow your hotel to stand out.

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