10 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Furniture StyleNations

10 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Furniture

Shopping for furniture items for your living spaces sure sounds fun. But sometimes, it can be frustrating to go home without being able to find the particular product that would suit your aesthetic. For example, several homeowners who go hunting for factory-made furniture often end up not finding the right piece that they have imagined for their homes. So if creating a bespoke living space is your end goal, you may want to consider buying custom furniture. 

Custom furniture is one of the best options when it comes to furnishing your space. Getting these tailor-made furniture items would not only allow you to be creative, but they would also provide your space with a distinct character and flair. They may cost more than the ready-made furniture. However, the payoff – once you have achieved the comfortable living space that you have always envisioned – would surely be worth it.

Being a leader in custom furniture manufacturing, we at StyleNations could provide bespoke furniture pieces that would complement your interior. We collaborate with you to produce the design you have always wanted, devoid of any troubles. While there is no limit to the features you could customize, there are other things to consider when choosing your furniture item. For example, we have curated ten things that you need to consider when buying custom furniture in our list below.

Quality of Materials

10 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Furniture Quality of Materials StyleNations

Buying furniture items isn’t like purchasing a piece of cheap dress that you would throw away after a few months’ time. Doing so would not only be wasteful, but it would also be time-consuming to look for another replacement. Instead, you would want to purchase a product that is made with high-quality materials, especially since furniture items don’t come cheap. The better the materials, the longer they usually last.

Wood is usually one of the best-selling materials for custom furniture because of its quality. Hence, we suggest that you look into different types of wood and choose the specific kind with high quality. Walnut is a good choice since it is strong, and it is ideal for ornate furniture that would require a high level of craftsmanship. Maple and mahogany are good options as well.

Furniture Style

When it comes down to picking a piece of tailor-made furniture, your personal style and preferences should be prioritized. Instead of creating a product that looks like something you can buy off the market, you can create an item that gives a touch of your individuality. Just ensure that what you have designed should suit the overall aesthetic of your living space. After all, you are already creating a unique piece of item. So why not make it complement your home?


Your furniture item should be designed with its usage in mind. Therefore, you should consider how it would be used in any space. The furniture should serve its purpose of being seated without causing any hassle to any person. Remember that no one will seat in an unusable chair, no matter how beautiful it looks against your living space.


10 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Furniture StyleNations

Another crucial factor when choosing a piece of custom furniture is comfort. The coziness of your living space depends on how comfortable your furniture is. Hence, you should not only ensure that these items are stunning, but you should also ensure that you stay comfortable sitting on them. By collaborating with your custom furniture manufacturer, you can choose the degree of comfort that you would want in your furniture. 

Size of your home

Since you are already creating your own piece of furniture from scratch, why not make it fit in your home? Consider the size of your living space so that you would not be producing a product that would either be too big or too small. We suggest leaving sufficient space in order to allow free movement. Moreover, considering the size of your home could help enhance the functionality and style of your home. Don’t forget to proportion and scale to maximize your furniture in your interior design.

Wood finish

Two pieces of furniture may be identical per se, but a close inspection can reveal their differences. Sometimes, it all boils down to the finishing of the wood. For example, if the wood finish does not complement your furniture, they may end up looking amateurish rather than elegant. With a good understanding of your wood finish, you will be able to choose the right stain needed to make an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture at home.

When choosing the right wood finish, we suggest complementing the colors of your living space instead of matching them. Clashing colors will only make your overall aesthetic look unattractive. Don’t forget to look at things from a distance. The colors and undertones of these finishes may look different from a distance. Finally, avoid whatever is trendy. Instead, choose what works well with the materials at hand.


10 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Furniture Durability StyleNations

Arguably one of the reasons why many homeowners shift to custom-made furniture items such as bar stools is their durability. Since you’re already shelling more money than usual, you should consider the most durable furniture items. This way, you can avoid spending more on maintenance in the long run. If you think of it, purchasing furniture made with durable materials will save you more since you won’t need any repairs. In terms of the fabric used in your furniture, synthetic microfiber is one of the most durable fabrics today. So consider integrating it into your custom furniture.


Go for furniture that would suit your budget. However, this does not mean that you would go looking for the cheapest materials that you could find. Doing so could only destroy your furniture quickly. Hence, decide early on how you can maximize your budget so that you would know how to spend for your custom furniture.

Additional features

Creating a piece of bespoke furniture does not end with having a design that would suit your home’s aesthetic. Consider the additional features you want to integrate into your product to make it more valuable and attractive. Would you be incorporating upholstery? Should there be carvings on the seats? Would there be cabinets or drawers below? These are just a few considerations to think about.

Construction and Craftsmanship

10 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Furniture Construction and Craftsmanship StyleNations

Finally, try to consider the construction of your furniture. We suggest that you try to research the materials used in the construction of your product so that you can avoid furniture that may contain hazardous substances such as fire retardants and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is present in wood glue while fire retardants are found in the upholstery foam. While it may be difficult to completely eradicate these substances, being more engaged in how your furniture has been crafted can lessen your exposure to these chemicals.

Best Custom Furniture Items

Looking for great custom furniture pieces? Check out some of our best-selling items below.

Verona Mimi Sofa

Mimi Sofa

Raffina Suite Armchair

Suite Armchair

Meble M-Fum Lounge Chair

M-Fum Lounge Chair

Luksus Vetro Fabric Chair – MOQ 50

Vetro Fabric Chair - MOQ 50

X8 Elin Tub Chair

Elin Tub Chair

Rialto Vinyl Chair

Rialto Vinyl Chair


Furniture is a crucial factor in any interior. Hence, it would help if you considered all the elements discussed above to come up with the ideal piece of tailor-made furniture for your home. Seeking help from custom furniture manufacturers like StyleNations can help you create the perfect piece that would suit your aesthetic. If you’re still in doubt about buying custom furniture, give us a visit. We will help make your vision a reality.

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