2022 trends in furniture

2022 Trends in Furniture: 7 Trends of 2022

Whether you want to update your restaurant interior or plan to revamp it wholly, keeping up with trends in furniture should always be at the back of your mind. Even if a particular style might not be your cup of tea, it is always gratifying to discover the furniture items that are in fashion at the moment. Hence, you have to consider the top 2022 trends in furniture.

Last year, many curators and designers suggested mixing style and practicality. This year, however, many oldies and classics are returning to the mainstream. But let us not discount the fact that furniture designs are getting more comfortable this year. Given such a variety, you can curate a trendy and stylish restaurant while remaining to your core aesthetic. To guide you through the process, we have curated the top trends in furniture that you will surely love.

Modern Artisanal Furniture

2022 trends in furniture

The aesthetic of modern artisanal furniture takes its roots in natural materials that range from wood to rattan. Other organic materials that are having a resurgence include stones, marble, and terracotta. The raw nature of these materials adds depth and sophistication to your indoors. These items have been streamlined and curated to make any hospitality space look understated yet stylish. 

Natural patterns and hues guide these items, so they are best paired with indoor plants and other organic foliage. Neutrals and shades of brown, in particular, exude coziness and security. Hence, we will likely see a return of these earthy tones in our furniture items. When placed strategically against a well-designed interior, you could have a stripped-back yet chic restaurant.

Furniture with Vibrant Hues

furniture with vibrant hues

If your restaurant does not adhere to the organic aesthetic, you can always opt for bright and vibrant hues. Apart from neutrals being one of the trends in furniture, a seemingly popular trend right now is the integration of saturated tones and vibrant colors in furnishings. Many of these hues tend to clash with each other, creating a visually appealing interior. You can further highlight your deep furniture by complementing them with statement pieces, artwork, and stylish carpets. With rich tones and vivid designs, your hospitality space will be eye candy.

Furniture with Curved Edges

furniture with curved edges 2022 trends in furniture

One of the trends in furniture that thrived even amid the pandemic is the curved edge design. Furniture items with such a feature exude romance and inclusivity. They provide an avenue for warmth and security without any overbearing angle that may serve as a distraction. It can be noted that the more soft and curved the edges are, the more luxurious and gracious they would look. 

Several curators have already begun applying curves in their designs. Curved sideboards and rounded sofa backs are implemented in a lot of restaurants. More modern designs have incorporated soft lines and curves this year. While it had its resurgence last year, this year marks its explosion to the mainstream.

Retro Furniture

2022 trends in furniture

To fully make your hospitality space genuinely stand out, you can lean towards incorporating reworked vintage furniture items. Even just a touch of such furnishings could spruce up your restaurant. With some refining and new upholstery, you can bring an old piece back to life.

If your restaurant has that retro vibe, there are some tips that you can consider to secure this aesthetic before the year ends. Primarily, you may want to visit local antique stores and markets. You may not find what you are looking for on the first try. Hence, patience is key here. You can also attend nearby antique auction events or garage sales. Another way to find retro furniture items is by collaborating with furniture manufacturers and dealers such as StyleNations. They can even help you customize the furniture to make them truly your style.

Leather Furniture

2022 trends in furniture leather furniture stylenations

Surprise your customers with unexpected and innovative materials in your furniture. Textiles are returning this 2022. Among the most popular textiles options that are making a comeback, leather is seen as the trendsetter. As a matter of fact, leathers – whether thy may be faux or real – can offset cooler metals. They can also tell a story since they get worn through constant use. We suggest contrasting this material with textured pillows and soft accents so that the final look will not be overbearing to the eyes.

Textured Furniture

textured furniture trends in furniture

Textures are so typical in fashion, so it would not come as a surprise that they are also up and coming in the interior design world. Adding textures to your furniture and complementing them with more textures can be entertaining to the eyes. Textured textiles such as tweeds and fur, when incorporated well with your furniture, can be an offshoot for an exciting item. We suggest experimenting with varied patterns. Of course, not all textures may complement each other. If you keep clashing different patterns, you may end up with a dissonant design. While mixing patterns is fun, we suggest keeping them comfortable for your customer.

Minimalist Furniture

minimalist furniture trends in furniture

There may be dated decorating trends to avoid this year, but minimalism is undoubtedly not one of them. As a matter of fact, minimalist furnishings are here to stay this 2022. It is an eternal trend, so you can be sure that it will go out of style for years to come. A minimalist aesthetic provides a sense of lightness without feeling dated. Moreover, all-white minimalism in furniture tends to look crisp while providing visual comfort.

Minimalist furniture incorporates soft lines and flat textures. Semi-transparent materials, plain colors, and mesh incorporation all jive up for a simple yet comfortable look and feel. 

Best Items for the 2022 Trends in Furniture

Modern Artisanal Furniture: Meble Benko A-8120

Benko A-8120

Furniture with Vibrant Hues: Omni Nettie Tub Chair

Nettie Tub Chair

Furniture with Curved Edges: Billiani Copiosa Rose 0C30


Retro Furniture: Billiani Spy 664

SPY 664

Leather Furniture: Omni Bronte Tub Chair

Bronte Tub Chair

Textured Furniture: Yogi Nali Bistro Chair

Nali Bistro Chair Full View

Minimalist Furniture: Middle Cove Dangelo Dining Chair

Dangelo Dining Chair

Wrapping Up

Keeping your restaurant up-to-date with the 2022 trends in furniture will surely make it more refreshing and welcoming. While many of these can be fun ways to liven up your restaurant, we suggest staying true to your aesthetic. So you would not go astray with designing and updating, we recommend collaborating with StyleNations. Being the leader in furniture manufacturing, StyleNations knows how to design your space, incorporating the trends while staying true to your preference.

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