With custom booth seating the possibilities are endless – it’s up to your imagination. Banquette and booth seating redefines seating possibilities with contemporary design, ergonomics, performance & durability. As manufacturers StyleNations can offer modifications to capture the essence of each project, giving you the option of having a totally individual concept. Whether you are seeking to create distinct lines, soft curves, long stretches or cosy booths, we have a custom solution to suit your need. Furnish a quiet area, fabricate a busy hub, complement a study area, embellish an entrance or add flair to the office tea point, StyleNations commercial booths are the perfect way to express your creativity giving you the freedom to achieve the desired look for your next interior fitout. There are endless options for materials and finishes such as wood, steel, upholstery and detailed touches such as buttons, custom seam detailing and brass studs. These finer details add a unique style to your custom seating.

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