Hospitality Furniture Maintenance Tips

Hospitality Furniture Maintenance Tips to Help You Preserve Your Furniture’s Elegance

Investing in custom hospitality furniture is not cheap, considering the quality of these items. Hence, it is only essential to maintain them to preserve the quality you paid for properly. Spills and food often cause damage to furniture items, leading to unprecedented repairs. Hence, you must consider and apply various hospitality furniture maintenance tips.

There are many ways to preserve these furniture items’ quality without investing in other maintenance hacks. We have provided some essential tips that you have to ensure so that you can protect your custom hospitality furniture items with ease.

Without further ado, here are seven hospitality furniture maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Hospitality Furniture Maintenance Tips

Keep Hospitality Furniture Out of Direct Sunlight

Hospitality Furniture Maintenance Tips Keep Furniture From Direct Sunlight StyleNations

One of the most crucial hospitality furniture maintenance tips we recommend is to keep these furniture items out of direct sunlight.

Placing your wooden furniture against direct sunlight can affect its finish, lacquer, or varnish. It is known that unfiltered ultraviolet rays cause the discoloration of your furniture finish. This is because the UV rays tend to break down the chemicals that are present in the furniture.

Hence, it would be best to place your hospitality furniture away from where the sunlight might directly hit it. If it cannot be helped, then you can cover the sunlight by placing curtains. During the hottest parts of the day, you could drape them with a blanket or a throw.

For tables, you could place a tablecloth or a runner to cover it from the sun.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Liquid For Furniture

You should also use suitable liquid material to clean your furniture. Bleach and detergent may be good options for removing the microbes in your products. Still, your furniture items may not handle these harsh substances very well, especially since they could cause discoloration for your furniture.

The best cleaning liquid for any hospitality furniture would be a solution of water and dish soap. Place a good amount of that solution on a piece of cloth and thoroughly wipe it on your furniture.

You should also ensure that the damp cloth that you would use is clean since the dust has a tendency to stick more if it is not clean.

Yes, it does not clean your furniture deeply, but at least the contaminants and microbes are wiped off of the surface of your furniture.

In addition, your furniture piece would look tidy and brand new. It would be more inviting for your guests to see if done this way.

Polish Hospitality Furniture on a Regular Basis

Your restaurant furniture items are always at risk of their finishes wearing off as time passes. This is true, especially if they are well-used inside your hospitality space.

It is also worth noting that the finish would also wear off faster if you frequently clean your furniture. Hence, you should see to it to repolish your items every month.

Polishing provides your furniture with a glossy coating to make it look new while protecting it from outside elements. It could be vexing to some, but polishing your furniture every once in a while helps preserve the quality of your furniture and ensure that it will last a long time.

Clean Fabric Upholstery the Right Way

When maintaining your furniture, we suggest considering the upholstery of your furniture. Upholstered dining chairs, for instance, provide comfort because of their composition. Cleaning them is pretty different from the usual wooden or metal furniture.

Upholstery may be fabric or leather. Cleaning each of these materials is different, so you have to take note of the composition of your own furniture items.

When cleaning fabric upholstery, we suggest you do not use too much water. The foaming action in your cleaning product is what cleans your furniture and not the liquid itself.

For leather upholstery, wipe your furniture with a damp cloth in order to remove all the dust and dirt. We suggest not using detergents on any leather upholstery since they tend to harden the surface.

Keep Room Temperature and Humidity In Check

The temperature and humidity of your hospitality space have an effect on the life of your furniture items. Wooden furniture is mainly affected by these two external factors. Even the leather and upholstery are affected.

You should see to it that your room is in ideal condition to prolong the furniture quality. Therefore, you should ensure that the humidity of your room is between 50 to 60 percent. The room temperature, on the other hand, should constantly be regulated to approximately 20°C.

Under these conditions, your wooden furniture does not swell or shrink. This means that you can avoid any emergence of cracks.

Use Oil on Wooden Furniture as Needed

One of the hospitality furniture maintenance tips we also recommend is oiling your wooden furniture as needed. This substance is reapplied to your furniture whenever necessary.

When your furniture has been kept in storage for a long time, there is a chance that it will become dry. This is when you have to apply oil to your furniture.

To do so, prepare your furniture by cleaning it properly. Then, prepare its surface using steel wool. Generously apply oil and let it soak into the wood for approximately 15 minutes.

If you want to apply a protective coating or polish on your furniture, we suggest letting your item set for at least a day before you proceed.

Avoid Mistreating Restaurant Furniture

Finally, you need to ensure that the furniture items in your hospitality space don’t end up getting some damage. In a restaurant, your furniture items might be overused due to the influx of customers. Unconsciously, they might cause physical damage due to scratches and knocks.

Sometimes, dents in your furniture may be challenging to repair, but it is still possible. If the dent is minute, you can sand it with a piece of sandpaper. If your furniture is unsalvageable, you can opt for a new piece of item from trusted custom furniture manufacturers such as StyleNations.

Hospitality Furniture Maintenance Tips – Wrapping Up

Taking care of custom hospitality furniture does not take a lot of your time. It also helps you reap great rewards in terms of customer satisfaction and furniture longevity.

As long as you practice these hospitality furniture maintenance tips, you will have no problem with your furniture. But if you run into any problems that you want to get new furniture, you can turn to StyleNations. Being the leader in custom furniture manufacturing, StyleNations would help you craft bespoke furniture with high quality, ensuring you that maintenance is just a piece of cake.

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