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Bar Furniture Ideas and Inspirations

Adding a home bar is a chic and fun way of making your home more inviting without trying too hard. Apart from it being an understated feature at home, a bar can be an area where you can entertain your friends and family. However, designing a home bar can be pretty overwhelming since there are a lot of bar furniture ideas that you can have to consider. And sometimes, it can be quite a tall order to narrow them down to the right design for your home bar.

An impressive home bar goes beyond having a fully stocked cabinet. Because you want to have a great time with your friends and family, its setup should be at par with the bar trends in the industry. Here are some of the best bar furniture ideas and inspirations for your home.

Bar Furniture Ideas for Any Spaces

Be aware of your space

bar furniture ideas stylenations

Before installing any bar furniture, you may want to gauge how ample the space that you would be working with is. This way, you can accurately determine what type of furniture would be able to fit at the bar. If you are able to identify the area needed, you will be able to narrow down your choice of furniture pieces to incorporate. Bar stools and tables, for instance, come in various shapes and sizes you can possibly imagine. By confirming the amount of space that you have, you can complete your bar with top-of-the-line pieces without compromising your personal convenience. In addition to this, you might also want to consider installing foot rails and service bar rails.

Make sure that you have the right height

The standard height for a bar is 42 inches. Hence, you should pair it with a bar stool that is approximately 30 inches high. This ensures that you and your guests will be comfortable while seated at your bar. 

Add personalized bar mirrors

This is an optional design idea, but placing mirrors on your bar furniture could provide it with an effortless style. If you collect valuable liquor, then mirrors can make your bar cabinets look bigger. Mirrors bring out the best of your collection because they are able to reflect light that highlights your prized spirits. Moreover, they also add depth to your bar, making it more stunning to look at even from afar.

Pick comfortable lighting

bar furniture ideas stylenations

Lighting is an essential aspect of a home. Apart from providing depth in your homes, lighting is important because it helps you achieve a warm ambiance for a personal and intimate feel. It also highlights your furniture items, allowing your guests to try them out. Bars are typically lit faintly. However, you could always install overhead lighting over the tables should you consider adding some seating area. In addition, the overhead lighting could provide visibility on your guest’s end. We suggest that you experiment with various lighting styles and dimmers until you achieve the appropriate tone to suit your place.

Stain resistance is the Key

Should you have the budget to pull off stain-resistant chairs and tables, we suggest that you go for it. Remember that there might be spills or stains that could inevitably blemish your furniture pieces. By doing so, you could avoid the risk of always cleaning them every time a guest comes. For fabric furniture items, you can incorporate microfiber material since it is a known material for being stain-resistant.

Collaborate with furniture manufacturers

To make your job of looking for bar furniture ideas a lot easier, we recommend collaborating with furniture manufacturers. Apart from being experts in the industry, they are able to recommend the best furniture items that would suit the theme of your home bar without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Being the leader in custom furniture manufacturing, StyleNations helps you curate and produce tailor-made items for your bars. This way, you can have a unique product that does not veer away from what you have in mind in the first place.

Bar Furniture Ideas to Try

bar furniture ideas stylenations

Home bars come in an array of styles and designs. So we have rounded up some attractive yet convenient bar furniture ideas that you can incorporate. Below each idea, we have also provided furniture pieces that you can include in your bar.

Rustic bar

The central color scheme for a rustic bar is reminiscent of earthy tones, hence the overall theme of the bar should be simple and unfussy. Materials such as wood and metal usually dominate a rustic bar. The furniture items are also usually made of wood.

Middle Cove Marquis Bar Stool

StyleNations-Marquis Bar Stool

Lupe Deary Bar Stool

Deary Bar Stool

Omni Trust Table

Trust Table

Mid-century bar

A mid-century modern furnishing involves simple yet functional pieces with curved designs and rich colors. The colors, in particular, are bold enough to make it a statement piece at the bar.

Meble Lubi H-5005 Stool

Lubi H-5005 Stool

Billiani Copiosa Wrap Wood 6C64


Middle Cove Luka Bar Table

Luka Bar Table

Sports bar

Making a home bar look like a sports bar needs a lot more than just curating a space filled with sports-related fixtures. When designing a sports bar, try to include equipment such as darts or a pool. You could also incorporate a large flat-screen television where you can watch a game with your guests.

Billiani Load 648

LOAD 648

Billiani Gradisca 625


Central Laura Dry Bar Table


Outdoor bar

Thinking of placing your home bar outside your home instead? Then your furniture items should also follow suit. Hence, you should invest in good outdoor furniture pieces that are resistant to molds and fade.

Lucida Summer Bar Stool

Summer Bar Stool

Middle Cove Stella Stool

Stella Stool

Omni Lester Bar Table

Lester Bar table

Wrapping Up

It does not take a crowd to curate a good home bar. Instead, with the right bar furniture ideas and a little bit of creativity, you could pull off an impressive bar where you can unwind with your friends and family. If you’re looking for assistance in choosing the furniture items, you can always turn to StyleNations for a generous collection of furnishings that you could tailor to suit your home bar. As a custom furniture manufacturer leader, StyleNations would team with you to build a bespoke statement piece for your home.

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