A connecting story through a world of color

I first discovered Jeanne de Kroon through her instagram page, I was immediately drawn in by her world of magnificent color. De Kroon is a storyteller, bringing together communities to share their stories through hand crafted ethical and sustainable fashion.

Jeanne founded Zazi Vintage in 2017 from a student bedroom apartment with a wish to weave the stories of women behind the cloth.

By listening to the stories of artisans, farmers, natural dyers and weavers, we as a global community will truly begin to understand what is needed for true ‘sustainability’. 

Jeanne de kroon

Jeanne is somewhat of a nomad, living out of a suitcase and traveling to communities in places like Tajikistan and the Amazon, sourcing for her brand. After 10 years Jeanne returned to her hometown in Amsterdam to find herself a little piece of paradise in a 1970s wooden houseboat next to a bird sanctuary.

Image credit: Architectural Digest

Every item from the chairs to the rugs in Jeanne’s houseboat represents her powerful journey, filling the space with empowering feminine energy.

Image credit: Architectural Digest

I don’t really own ‘art’ although I come from a family of artists. My home is full of objects and things that I have turned into art by giving them a special role.

Jeanne de kroon – Architectural Digest

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