10 best arm chairs for commercial space StyleNations

10 Best Arm Chairs to Install in Restaurants

As a commercial space owner, comfort and style should always be a priority. You should see to it that your customers feel cozy without being inconvenienced by the design of your furniture. Hence, it only makes sense if you provide them with the best arm chairs to install in your commercial space. This way, you can create a significant impact on your restaurant’s aesthetic without sacrificing the convenience of your customers.

Arm chairs scream comfort. Hence, it is crucial to pick the right product for your hospitality space. It may be easy to purchase one, but it is not practical. In this article, we will identify 10 of the best arm chairs to install in your commercial space. In addition to this, we have also identified some of the factors or features that you need to consider when looking for a particular product.

What to Look for in the Best Arm Chairs 

10 best armchairs for commercial spaces StyleNations
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Comfort should be your utmost priority when looking for the best arm chairs to install in your commercial spaces. Several hospitality owners tend to prioritize style over comfort, making it inconvenient to customers. They tend to forget that when it comes to making a comfortable restaurant experience, it is not all about taste. Therefore, keep in mind that when your diners feel comfortable throughout their stay, they will surely return to your restaurant.

We recommend considering your arm chairs’ sharp edges, materials, and finishes. Leave enough room for them to move freely. A lot of customers would prefer chairs with backrests and foam seats. Subsequently, rounded corners are also good design choices to ensure that your customers are cozy.


Since you would want your commercial space furniture to last as long as you would like your business, ensuring their durability is the way. The only way to assure yourself that you have chosen a robust arm chair is by checking its material. The material quality could equate to the chair’s longevity, so be mindful of this aspect. 

Metal arm chairs are typically solid and long-lasting. Their frames could be sandblasted and painted in your preferred color. In addition to this, metal is a fire-resistant material. If you want a weather-resistant option for your outdoor spaces, metal chairs are also highly recommended. Aluminum is a specific material that could work in outdoor spaces because it can resist rust and other outdoor elements. 

On the other hand, wood arm chairs exude a warm rustic feel, making them an excellent choice for restaurants that offer fine dining. These arm chairs do not get hot or cold, so they are suitable for varied spaces. If you can maintain them well, they can last a long time.

Likewise, upholstered arm chairs are usually the most comfortable among the different options. They are perfect for chic and sophisticated commercial areas. Aside from being an eye candy, upholstered arm chairs are easy to clean. Other upholstery options include vinyl, leather, and fabric. Fabrics such as satin, faux leather, and suede are great choices.


A good arm chair comes in a variety of finishes to suit whatever your restaurant style is. Does your commercial space have a retro vibe? Do you have a predominantly modern aesthetic? These are just some questions that come into play when choosing what finish comes with your product. After you have identified your style, you can choose from a variety of finishing options such as lacquer, wood stain, powder coat, rope, or woven rattan.


The best arm chairs would work in a variety of settings and spaces. Choosing versatile seating options could allow you to adapt to whatever space you have. Moreover, versatile arm chairs would be able to work efficiently whatever your situation is.

It is worth noting that not all chairs are capable of suiting whatever you desire them to do. And if your chairs are not designed to be this flexible, you might end up buying more furniture. For instance, providing an al fresco waiting area to improve customer satisfaction might be a pain if the chairs you bought are not suited for indoor and outdoor spaces. Hence, we recommend looking into the versatility of these chairs too.


The style of arm chairs reflects your aesthetic and how you want your space to look. There are a lot of styles available for arm chairs – modern, traditional, industrial, minimalistic, or Parisian. You could even have them custom-made so that your style preferences are fulfilled. At StyleNations, the leader in custom furniture manufacturing, you can pick your arm chair’s style, material, and finishing at your fingertips. Their team can assist you in crafting a distinctive style that can only be found in your commercial space.

10 Best Arm Chairs for Commercial Spaces

Billiani Hippy 638 Metal Arm Chair

This metal arm chair is suited best for spaces with an industrial and chic aesthetic. Its base brings an element of lightness and modernity.


Rosa Globe Chair

Its simple yet efficient style ensures your customers are not restrained when seated.

Globe Chair

Lupe Franco Arm Chair

This chair features a metal frame with authentic leather. It also features an antique black metal and brown leather finish.

Franco Arm Chair

Zofia B-0139 Armchair

It is a wooden arm chair with various finishes such as natural beech, rustical, honey, and milky walnut, among others.

StyleNations-B-0139 Armchair

Omni – DS Kall Arm Chair

For restaurants that have a vintage or minimalist style, this wooden arm chair is a good option.

Kall Arm Chair

Middle Cove Khari Arm Chair

This wooden arm chair is perfect for rustic-themed establishments.

Khari Arm Chair

Meble Evo B-2946 Upholstered Arm Chair

Its fun color pops out, giving your restaurant its statement piece.

Evo B-2946

Central Metro Armchair

This upholstered arm chair ensures comfort without sacrificing style.

Metro Armchair

Omni Milani Tub Chair

Another stylish arm chair screams elegance and sophistication.

Milani Tub Chair

Billiani Corolla 271 Armchair

A classic design with modern flair, this arm chair is sure to impress. This lounge arm chair features natural wood grain and a warm beechwood finish, making this chair beautiful and comfortable.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, incorporating the best arm chairs to install in your commercial space is a must so that your restaurant or hotel will stand out among other establishments. Apart from the features and options, we have provided, it is imperative always to trust your creative instinct. In addition, we also suggest collaborating with custom furniture manufacturers such as StyleNations. This way, you can pick a stylish arm chair without sacrificing comfort. As a custom furniture manufacturer leader, StyleNations helps you construct a bespoke statement piece for your hospitality space.

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